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Four local sparklings for your wedding toast

Sparkling wine sets the scene for every wedding, from the moment your guests walk...

Kate Hibberson

Seasonal wedding desserts inspiration

Wedding desserts are a tricky choice. You want something delicious but small enough not...

Emily Simpson

Take your wedding south of the border

Festive, colourful weddings are very on trend at the moment. I mean come on,...

Elsie Adamo

Your wedding cake in bloom

Floral decorations, accessories and crowns are everything in the world of weddings right now....

Annie Caughey

The Pop Inn: making celebrations pop

Take your wedding down the path less travelled with The Pop Inn If your...

Beatrice Smith

Woodbrook: Bringing families together

Woodbrook is the ultimate tool to bring two families together at your wedding because...

Annie Caughey

Eight reasons to be UNVEILED

Even if you’re not getting married, you’ll want to get along to UNVEILED: The...

HerCanberra Team

Venue spotlight: Vintage and rustic

From historic buildings to modern wine bars, Canberra is full of hidden treasures when...

Laura Peppas

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