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A (Bridesmaid’s) Dress for Every Season

Almost just as hard to choose as the white gown itself, finding the perfect...

Georgia Rossiter

A Dress for Every Season

From trends to weather, the seasons carry lots of influence over the wedding style...

Georgia Rossiter

Deciphering the dress code

What do you wear when the invite says black tie, lounge suit, after five,...

HerCanberra Team

Boho Bridal

Effortless elegance is given a romantic vintage twist.            ...

HerCanberra Team

The Look of Love

Five beautiful bridal trends for your big day. What’s your dream wedding gown? Something...

HerCanberra Team

UNVEILED The Event is today: What to know before you go

UNVEILED: The Event is a wedding event with a difference. With interactive installations, workshops,...

HerCanberra Team

All the Grooms Hair and All the Groomsmen

You could be forgiven for thinking that wedding preparation and pampering is all about...

Elsie Adamo

The Artforme of Letterpress

Few industries have been disrupted by the internet more than the wedding industry. From...

Beatrice Smith

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