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Mind, body and soul: reset 2022 with the AEQUUS Health Retreat

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Sunrise on a new beginning. That’s what a new year offers us.

It’s an awakening—the start of a new flirtation with your inner self as you promise to finally take care of not only your body, but your mind and emotions too. But as the grind of daily life gets in the way, how do you slow down and remind yourself “No—this is what’s important”?

To help you do just that, Kingston’s AEQUUS Movement is offering a unique opportunity to balance and restore the mind, body and soul with a gorgeous staycation next month. Just in time to persuade those lagging motivations to get into shape.

From Friday 18 to Sunday 20 February, the AEQUUS Health Retreat will take over Kingston’s Kingsborough Village, helping guests reinstate a harmonious balance for the rest of 2022 through subtle changes, beginning with a bespoke wellness journey.

However, before you even set foot in this urban oasis, hosts and coaches Shannon Breen, Angela Tonkin and Samantha Thurkettle will ensure your reset begins in the comfort of your home.

For one hour each week, you will be supported through a task that will contribute to the quality of the environment you return home to, from addressing energy leaks in your professional and personal life to clearing your physical environment.

From there, the two-night, three-day staycation will work with your body’s systems to reset your life and help you reach equilibrium.

Starting with the body, the Aequus Movement master class teaches rebalancing the body through breathing, recruiting, and strengthening specific leverage points within the body. Implementing the importance of freedom of movement and the benefits of slowing down, it flows perfectly with the learning tools guests will be provided to understand and process their emotions.

In the Aequus Reset ‘6 Core Needs’ Discovery Session, intentions and tangible goals will be set, with coaches supporting you in having your core needs met across all areas of life so that you can begin moving forward, thriving and excited for your future.

This combination of techniques is designed to move your mind, body and soul into a calm, reset and re-energised state.

The package also includes nutritious meals from Eighty/Twenty café, giving guests the best local tastes of the season whilst delivering delicious goodness to your body.

Want even more? Consider the retreat’s optional additions of massage treatments, sauna, movement, relaxation and vital wellness seminars in a low-tech environment. At the end of the weekend, the staycation will have moved you away from a tired and wired state of being.

If you choose to stay in the comfortable and luxurious accommodation of Kingsborough Village, you’ll find a digital detox zone. Acknowledging the effects of being constantly stimulated (hello, late night Instagram scrolls), and the impact this has on our adrenal system, the wellness reset removes you from your daily routine.

The accommodation even offers dim lighting to help support the reset of melatonin and cortisol for restorative and rejuvenating night’s sleep, although you’re always welcome to head home for the evening.

Leaving you feeling lighter, calmer and empowered in all areas of your life, the AEQUUS Health Retreat is the perfect antidote to 2021—and the positive new beginning we all need and deserve for 2022.

Find out more about the AEQUUS Health Retreat at aequusmovement.com.au/aequus-reset.

Feature Image: Pew Pew Studio

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