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No Rest For The Wicked At Dark Carnival

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Are you looking for something a bit different to shake up your gym routine, while learning valuable life skills at the same time?

Instead of opting to go for a jog or hit the weights at the gym, try something that embraces strength and conditioning training into mindful practice and fun classes. I’m talking about getting down and dirty and picking up martial arts at Dark Carnival.

Dark Carnival is a leading Canberra martial arts gym and its just taken up a brand new residency at 69 Dundas Court, Woden. The gym itself is the epitome of the term “rockstar” with its black painted walls, graffiti prints of martial arts philosophies, rock music, and quality equipment.

But the heart of the gym are the tremendous coaches who make you feel instantly welcome. Head coach and founder Mitch Langman is extremely knowledgeable and skilled in the arts of Brazilian Ju Jitsu, Muay Thai Boxing, and self-preservation, and he has created a supportive community both on and off the mats.

Martial arts is great for many reasons; you are using your body in a way that is strong and powerful, it can help you become fit and active, and it’s a great method of staying present in a way you won’t practice in a yoga class. It teaches you focus, discipline, self-control, and coordination, as well as fitness.

You can pick up these skills through one or all of the many different classes offered at Dark Carnival.

Muay Thai Boxing

Muay Thai Boxing is a combat sport originating in Thailand that uses stand-up striking along with various clinching techniques to combine as hand, elbow, knee, and leg strikes against your opponent.

The Dark Carnival Muay Thai classes teach students the fundamentals of the boxing techniques but also builds on your physical, mental and emotional conditioning. If you’re lucky you’ll even get to see Dark Carnival’s premium fighters in action, which is truly astounding to watch!

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

My personal favourite martial art form, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a combat sport that primarily focuses on grappling and ground fighting, including take-downs, positioning, escapes, transitions and submissions/striking.

Dark Carnival’s Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes stays true to the original intention of the sport as a form of self-preservation but builds on learning to move, use, and control an opponent on the ground. The classes on offer transition between using the gi (the special jacket and pants worn by Jiu Jitsu-ers) and going “no gi” but both offer the conditioning that is a major part of any self-defense tactics.

Wicked Fitness

So you’re learning the skills, but what if you need to up your fitness too? Dark Carnival offers half-hour fitness sessions throughout the week that combine circuit based training with combat fitness that will have you breathing hard in no time!

All exercises can be scaled to your own capabilities but will increase your abilities and your fitness to further help you in the ring or on the mats.


The world can be a dangerous place, and basic self-defence lessons are an important skill that everyone should know. At Dark Carnival, the self-preservation classes utilise basic defence skills and combine them with dirty boxing techniques and Jiu-Jitsu escapes to subdue an attacker and de-escalate a hostile situation.

Focusing on preservation rather than attack and defence, these skills have been so useful at remaining vigilant and ensuring protection. Dark Carnival’s Red Zone Threat Management workshops also take place throughout the year to brush up on defence skills with weapons or knives, as well as women’s only self-defence classes for a tailored approach.

Dark Carnival offers the first week free to newbies looking to try out the gym for themselves and the professional beginner’s classes will help you work through the movements and learn the basics so that you can continue to upskill. Classes run from Monday to Thursday in the evenings with open mat practice sessions on Fridays, and you can even get your little ones involved with the fun and extremely adorable kid’s classes!

Joining Dark Carnival has been life-changing for me, and I’ve made so many new friends and learned so many crucial skills. If you’re looking for something different and have a penchant for wearing black than  Dark Carnival is the place for you!


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What: Dark Carnival Martial Arts School
Where: 69 Dundas Court, Phillip
Phone: 0422 000 145

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