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There’s never a good time for a hysterectomy

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So I’ve booked one in.

It means I won’t be able to  drive for at least 10 days, and will need about four weeks off work (or a bit less, maybe, as I tend to work with my feet up on the couch at home).

It’s all a bit of a hassle, really, particularly as a widow with a young family. I’m having to rope in help with the school drop-offs and pickups because the one daughter who does drive starts work at 7am every day in August.

But whatever. It has to be done. A month ago I wound up in hospital having an iron transfusion. I was exhausted and breathless and my heart rate was up because of anaemia. If there’s something that can be done to fix it, there’s no sense waiting for a ‘more convenient time’.

It’s the same with my business partner, Audrey’s, chemotherapy cream treatment on her face. It’s inconvenient to spend an entire month with visible rashes on her skin, and in pain, but again — there’s no option but to get it done and reduce her chance of further skin cancers.

Health must always come first, and there’s no excuse not to prioritise it. I sat through my parents’ ACAT assessment last week and one of the points the woman made was that a carer’s health will suffer if they don’t put it above the caring they’re doing.

Is there something you’ve been putting off having checked out? Take a few minutes after reading this to book it in.

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