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Join celebrity trainer Sally Andersen for a weekend of wellness

Since opening last year, Hale Gym has established itself as a trusted wellness destination. ...

Ashleigh Went

Win A Weekend Of Wellness (On Wheels)

Want to experience the ultimate luxury weekend of wellness (on wheels)? Here’s your chance,...

HerCanberra Team

Kittens, glitter and free massage – oh my!

HerCanberra’s ACTIVE Day is back—presented by the First Ever BMW X2—and to say that...

Ashleigh Went

Mindfulness over matter

‘Mindfulness’ has become something of a buzzword in the wellness industry—one known for taking...

Ashleigh Went

The truth about your post-baby body

Recovering from pregnancy is no easy feat. When we constantly see Instagram stars and...

Ashleigh Went

Living well with endometriosis

Most women experience pelvic pain during their lifetime from a variety of different causes,...

Kelly Teagle

Paradise Lost? Libido and you

In the last week alone I have encountered half a dozen women in my...

Kelly Teagle

Yoga Big Day Out 2018

For anyone in the Canberra yoga community, it will come as little surprise that...

Ashleigh Went

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