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How to DIY your own three-day 2021 wellness retreat at home

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Have you ever wanted to create your very own at-home wellness retreat just for you?

So you can…

  • Schedule time for a good vibes book
  • Pop on a face mask
  • Yoga on YouTube
  • Walk in nature
  • Breakfast in silence
  • Drink a green juice
  • Journaling for 15 minutes
  • Meditation
  • Organise your fresh food shop

Committing to a wellness retreat allows you to kick start some momentum to make changes to your daily grind. An immersion (or retreat) is the perfect time to start your daily self-care habits.

How do you want 2021 to look for you? Let’s create our very own at-home retreat for three days. Let’s commit together. I’m going to commit to three self-care initiatives each day.

Here’s your planner—click here to download and print it.

It’s only three days. Who is joining me?!

Every year I used to commit to a yoga retreat. Full immersion, no phone, healthy eating, exercise, positive mindset, goal setting, R&R and sleep. I’ve been to retreats in Bali, Sri Lanka, Fiji, Byron Bay, Noosa, Bayley Point, Kangaroo Valley and the Blue Mountains.

I now have three kids. I now live in a “fantastic mess” and let’s face it, our travel restrictions limit our options for retreats outside the ACT. So, why not make our own (individually crafted to suit our own lifestyle and commitments)?

Every three months I schedule an at-home retreat, and the plan changes depending on what I need. This particular retreat I want to adopt some more calm into my day, create some practical pre-sleep routines and schedule a daily 10 minute meditation practice.

This is how I am making it happen:

Clean the house the day before, as there is NO CLEANING on retreat

For me, this is a priority.  I love an organised, clean (ish) house. Practicing yoga and meditation when you can see visible chunks of dog hair, hard play-doh from five days ago and crackers isn’t conducive to a still mind!

Print the schedule off, and put it on the fridge

Choose three things you want to achieve each day for your retreat. You’re welcome to email me kirra@capitalhydrotherapy.com.au if you need help with your retreats schedule.

Make sure there’s a mixture of mind, body and soul activities on the list.

Have a theme. My theme is: “Sleep routine”.

Set a budget

It doesn’t have to be big-budget—we’re crawling out of a pandemic, so take it easy on the wallet. If you’ve got $6 to your name, make your own face mask with boiled oats and avocado; drink hot water and lemon; improve your sleep hygiene; positive self-talk; social distancing walks; gratitude journal and yoga on YouTube. The low budget list is endless.

Have a retreat buddy

Everyone needs support. You can do the retreat separately and still keep each other accountable. Check-in every day, and keep each other motivated and inspired.

If you don’t have three days available, then just do one day to start with (or a couple of ½ days). If you can’t find one half-day, then you have a problem, my friend—I’m surprised you’ve even read this far!

Who’s with me?

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