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All aboard for careers with Canberra Metro

With Canberra’s light rail network due for completion in late 2018, anticipation is building....

Beatrice Smith

Amanda McIntyre: Mentoring 101

It seems that, regardless of your age or position, finding a mentor can be...

Beatrice Smith

Why women don’t apply for jobs like men

It’s a fact. Women tend to apply for jobs when they’re 100% confident they...

HerCanberra Team

A new opportunity for Canberra’s women entrepreneurs

Many of us dream of escaping the office grind and launching that business idea...

Michaela McGrath

Wanted: An authentic, inspiring leadership development opportunity 

When you look at the offering women’s leadership events, the choice can be dizzying. ...

HerCanberra Team

What if our work day synced with the school day?

Mothers Day is over and now we have 364 days til we’re celebrated again...

HerCanberra Team

Getting public sector ready is easier than you think

In Canberra, everyone knows someone working in the public service. In fact, some locals...

Beatrice Smith

Proving Millennial Stereotypes Wrong

In May 2013, the front cover of TIME Magazine read “Millennials are lazy, entitled...

Kate Crowhurst

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