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The language of leaders

Humans are linguistic beings. We cannot exist separate to language.  Even if there is...

Kate Neser

Going back to study: yes, it’s possible

Everything changes after having a kid. You discover how little sleep a person can...

Rebecca Hamerton

Sexual harassment: are you ready to act?

Three expert women. Three informed views. One hot topic. A stimulating panel discussion on...

HerCanberra Team

Classic constructions rising around Canberra

A family-run Canberra building company is rising to the challenge of turning client dreams...

Emma Macdonald

Leadership 101: what does it actually mean?

Being adaptable, agile, good at change management are all essential leadership tools. But what...

Kate Neser

How does our language create our reality?

Are you aware of how the language that you use may be impacting upon...

Kate Neser

Women at Work: Sariel Taylor Pindo

A decision to stay in Canberra for university took Sariel Taylor Pindo to Washington,...

Beatrice Smith

Not Your Average Power Trip: empowering future female leaders

The female leaders of tomorrow have officially touched down in the nation’s capital to...

Josie Gouvoussis

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