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ANU Giving Day: The power of us

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The Australian National University (ANU) is inviting the community to invest in excellence this Giving Day, as they look to celebrate the power of support and togetherness.

Running for 75 hours on 6-9 October, Giving Day is an annual event where donors can show their support to the University by making an impact on an area they are passionate about.

Established following the Second World War to put education and research at the service of national prosperity and peaceful global development, ANU offers a range of programs that respond to the needs of the nation and their students.

For ANU alumna and donor Alicia Lillington, this year is extra special as donors can choose one of 24 areas across the whole University to support, thereby helping students, researchers, communities and the nation find the solutions for a better tomorrow.

Graduating in 2013 with a Bachelor of International Relations, Alicia has donated to Giving Day for the past eight years and believes giving to unrestricted funds means ANU can address areas of greatest need as they arise, such as supporting students during these challenging times.

“When I look at what ANU is doing, I think about the difference that this University is making in someone’s life,” says Alicia. “If you can help make that difference, why not give to a good cause and change someone’s life? I think change starts at the grassroots level and so we have a social responsibility if we’re in a position where we can donate to these types of causes.”

Investing in scholarships, research, teaching and learning, this year the aim of Giving Day is to raise $75,000 over the 75 hours, demonstrating the impact the community can make in a short period of time. The funds raised will empower ANU to respond to opportunities as they arise, or support timely needs that might otherwise go unanswered such as bushfire recovery programs, student scholarships and more.

As the Director of Community Engagement with the ANU Women’s Alumni Network, Alicia says that as a young person who once felt University and higher academic achievement wasn’t for people like her, ANU Giving Day helps her continue to feel a part of the community even after graduation.

“It’s just that sense of community and the way that we support one another. I’ve met some really amazing people through ANU and they’ve continued to be career cheerleaders throughout my life where they really supported me. In a room full of opportunities, they’ll shout out my name. I’m looking to lift others up with me in that spirit.”

As the community continues to help ANU reach incredible achievements and be the best they can, whether it’s for research or students, ANU will continue to celebrate Giving Day as an investment in excellence to help shape the future of the University and ultimately Australia.

“It’s really important to donate and think of your younger self,” says Alicia. “If you can make a difference, then why not?”


What: ANU Giving Day 2021

When: 6-9 October


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