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‘Between Earth and Sky’ Solo Exhibition by Mellissa Read-Devine at Humble House gallery

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For the last 23 years, Mellissa Read-Devine has been honing her art in vibrant optimistic harmony with the natural landscape.

So it makes perfect sense then that Humble House’s new exhibition will showcase Mellissa’s colourful works for her first Canberra solo exhibition—a joyous celebration of nature. It’s also a fitting exhibition for a year where many Canberrans have found solace in the quiet colour of our bush capital and in nature.

Mellissa explains that nature informs and motivates her work both physically and existentially.

“Over the years I have come to care very much for Australia’s green spaces, fauna and flora,” explains Mellissa. “I often immerse myself in the bush and spend a lot of time in observation and appreciation before I create a painting. I believe we are all called to be stewards of the natural world that surround our homes and cities; to protect and treasure what could easily be lost.”

Melissa Read-Devine.

Mellissa’s unique “macropointilistic” style uses a vibrant palette to illustrate quiet yet striking bush scenes with a universal appeal.

“For me, painting is all about the process,” says Mellissa. “I rarely have a finished work in my mind when I put brush to canvas. I enjoy the dance of mark making with strong sweeps of direction and tone that are eventually tamed into more representational imagery.”

“With an electric palette and layered application of brush strokes I portray a vivid interpretation of the landscape around me. I invite the viewer to see the Australian bush through a vibrant and optimistic vision of colour and light.”

Cowra Japonica, 105x105cm, Acrylic on Canvas.

These striking works will sit neatly inside Humble House’s treasure trove of goodies. With two levels encompassing 600 square metres, a visit to Humble House offers access to an art gallery alongside a showroom and museum of exquisite antiques.

With an accessible site featuring wheelchair access and free parking, Humble House gallery is now open for personal visits. However, for those not venturing far from home, there will be an Online Opening on Thursday 29 October from 8 pm at humblehouse.com.au/exhibitions. Free pickup is available from the gallery.

Sky Amongst the Granite, 122x122cm, Acrylic on Canvas.

Beyond the Territory Wall, 122x105cm, Acrylic on Canvas.


What: Between Earth and Sky’ Solo Exhibition by Mellissa Read-Devine
When: Online Opening 8 pm 29 October – 15 November 2020
Where: Humble House gallery, 93 Wollongong Street, Fyshwick
Website: humblehouse.com.au
Facebook: facebook.com/humblehouseart
Instagram: @humblehouseart

Feature image: Relationships, 126x186cm, Acrylic on Canvas

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