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Australian Dance Party: dancing today for a greener tomorrow

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Australian Dance Party (ADP) is continuing to make strides in their mission to create a greener tomorrow, encouraging change at the grassroots level through the human experience of dance.

As Canberra’s most prominent contemporary dance and multi-arts performance company, Australian Dance Party aims to awaken a renewed sense of community connection, creativity and environmental stewardship.

Having launched Move to Zero—a short video series based on climate change awareness and activism—in 2018, ADP has just launched the second series of Move to Zero content, this time focused on using electric and active transport to assist Canberra to reach their 50-60% emissions reduction target by 2025.

Intended to function as a series of ‘ad’ style videos, Move to Zero utilises dance to communicate issues existential to our continued coexistence with nature on Earth.

Engaging with the contributions of ACT climate scientists, the Electric Vehicle Association, businesses such as Screencraft and youth dance organisation QL2 Dance, Move to Zero is informed, engaging and inspiring.

“These films are fun, hopeful and motivating,” explains founder and Party Leader Alison Plevey.

“They aim to inspire not pressure or guilt audiences into making change. They are wacky and heartfelt, leaving a lasting memory of the messages of using active and electric transport.”

Alison explains that ADP’s passion for climate activism comes from “our connection with nature and a desire to protect it, for our own safety and for the millions of other species on the planet that co-exist with us.”

“The inaction of the current Government federally to make real change in reducing emissions is devastating and embarrassing and it calls for citizens like us to stand for action in the ways that we can in our own spheres of influence.”

“The process of creating the films has been about just this, empowering community to get involved the artistic process and to encourage their own agency in making new initiatives towards zero emissions.”

Demonstrating the complexity of moving from A to B when it comes to embracing environmental sustainability, Move to Zero empowers all—regardless of personal background—to unite around this sense of agency for the planet.

While lockdown was challenging for ADP’s five core dance artists who Alison says “long for human touch, energetic sensitivity and audience electricity”, there was no shortage of creativity.

A film series titled ‘Pandemic Behaviours‘, a Move to Zero online community and a film called Message In Motion for International Dance Day were just some of the projects ADP undertook over the past six months, with Alison adding that they used “spaces, technologies and rollercoasters of feelings as fuel for the creative fire”.

“To share and connect online with community and a network of other artists and dance pro’s in our wonderful city, more deeply and more often than perhaps before the pandemic, has been our greatest support and joy,” she says.

For this next stage of Move to Zero, Alison is excited to help Canberrans re-think their day-to-day travel as we get back to ‘normal’ life—and to avoid a future crisis worse than COVID-19.

“With over 60% of emissions in the ACT produced by transport vehicles, we all have a part to play in working towards nil emissions transport.”

“I think issues of the environment, and the urgency of what we are facing in the climate crisis has been overtaken by the immediate threat of the pandemic, yet we all need to see the risks of climate change as an enormous health crisis waiting to explode also.”

Find out more about Move to Zero at, on Facebook and on Instagram

HerCanberra is a proud supporter of Move to Zero

Photography: Lorna Sim

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