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Love comedy? Future Classics is the post-lockdown show you’ve been waiting for

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When a show description includes the words: ‘no dorks’ and ‘no weird sh*t’, you know you’re in for a good time.

Even more so when those words are from comedians Chris Ryan and Luke Heggie about their upcoming show at The Q—Future Classics, part of its new Q The Laughs comedy series.

For those unfamiliar with these names, I could wax lyrical about Chris’ stage appeal—I’ve seen her crack up audiences of hundreds with her instantly relatable and hilarious observations about Canberra—and the fact that Luke recently scooped the 2021 Sydney Comedy Festival’s Best in Fest Award. No small feat.

I could also talk about how The Q has recently transformed their bar area into an intimate (yet oh so COVID Safe) comedy venue perfect for stand up (I would know—I saw Chris perform there last year) and how there will be not one, but three nights to catch Future Classics, from 10–12 February.

But telling a bunch of fun starved Canberrans that they ‘might’ enjoy a night of laughs in a brand-new venue feels a bit like telling someone they ‘might’ enjoy some fresh air after being on a plane for 24 hours (planes…remember them?), so I’ll let Chris speak for herself.

“Just to be able to do any gig—let alone a new material gig with my favourite comedian in the world—is brilliant,” says Chris. “I did a new material gig at The Q this time last year ahead of my Melbourne Comedy Festival run and it was priceless.”

For those confused by the lingo, ‘new material’ shows are a mainstay of stand-up comedy and you may have even seen one before. It’s when a comedian first premieres their newest jokes, usually in a more relaxed format than a traditional stand-up set—though just as hilarious.

“[New material shows] might be a bit rough, they might have notes on a stool, they might get it a bit wrong,” explains Chris, adding that this is where the magic lies. “I went to see Kitty Flanagan do one once and I thought ‘Wow, it’s like peeking behind the curtain!’.”

New material shows are also special as you’ll be the first to listen to jokes that will become mainstays of that comedian’s next national toured show. Excited? You should be. Chris certainly is.

“It’s getting match fit for the festival season…when you see a proper stand-up comedy show it’s polished. But it only gets that way because of these sort of ‘rough and ready’ shows and it’s fun for the audience to be involved in that process.”

Not only will you get to hear Chris and Luke’s freshest jokes, but there will also be a special end of show treat.

“At the end of the show, we’ll sit down on stage together and read out notes from each other’s phones,” says Chris, explaining that all comedians are dedicated note takers who use their phones to record observations that may turn into jokes. And you, dear audience member, will get to see that happen in real time.

“We’ll prompt each other to do the jokes that we noted down and ask each other ‘What were you thinking?’ and try and explore the funny and get some new jokes out of that.”

It’s sure to be a highlight of the evening as Chris and Luke regularly perform together, having met when Chris opened for Luke many years ago. Describing him as “one of Australia’s best comedians” Chris says it’s a “privilege” to share the stage with him.

For those wondering, the new material generated will become ‘future classics’ of Chris’ Can’t Complain and Luke’s Your Stupid national tours later this year, both of which will be appearing at the annual Canberra Comedy Festival this March. And as for that “no weird sh*t” description?

“We take our comedy pretty seriously,” laughs Chris. “So what we mean by that is we’re not doing mime or songs or dancing or improv. We won’t be having musical cues. It’s not going to be whacky. It’s just stand-up comedy—words that made you laugh.”

And honestly, what more could Canberrans want?


What: Future Classics: Luke Heggie and Chris Ryan
When: 10–12 February
When: The Foyer Bar at The Q, Queanbeyan Performing Arts Centre
Tickets: $25


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