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How to Create a Healthy Yoghurt Snack

Kate Freeman

When it comes to creating yourself a healthy snack you first need to think about the purpose of that snack.

From a nutrition perspective there are two reasons why you’d want to make the effort:

  1. Nourishment: Snacks are a great way to get some nutrition (vitamins, minerals, fibre) into your body by choosing fruit, vegetables and other whole foods.
  2. Satisfaction: We’ve all experienced being so hungry that we feel insatiable. A good snack should satisfy us and keep us satisfied until our next meal time.

With these two points in mind, here are three important nutrients that when combined create a healthy, filling, nutritious snack:


Choose a small serve of a protein-rich, whole food. This will help keep you feeling fuller for long, plus offer lots of good nutrition. For snacks think boiled eggs, unprocessed leg ham, reduced fat cheese, cottage cheese, yoghurt and tinned tuna.


Fibre is the most important nutrient for gut health and a key helping you feel full and keep your blood sugar levels stable. Choosing high fibre foods is one of the best ways to help you choose smart carbohydrates. Adding a fibre rich food to your protein rice food makes for an extremely satisfying snack. Think whole fruit, vegetable sticks, baked beans, wholegrain crackers and oats.


This is another nutrient that helps you feel full. It also helps you absorb fat-soluble vitamins and it makes food taste great. Adding in whole food, plant-based sources of fat will ensure you’re also getting the benefits of lots of other nutrients too. Think nuts, avocado, hummus, peanut butter and seeds.

Putting it all together

This is the fun part, creating your delicious and nutritious snack! The food combinations are endless! Here are a couple of ideas:

  • Apple (fibre) + cheese (protein)
  • Yoghurt (protein) + strawberries (fibre) + nuts (fat)
  • Wholegrain crackers (fibre) + hummus (fat) + ham (protein) – sliced tomato on this one is a winner. Find more cracker topping ideas here.
  • Avocado, mashed (fat) + lemon juice & salt (flavour) + carrot and capsicum sticks (fibre)
  • Banana (fibre) + peanut butter (fat)

In the end, good nutrition is about finding an eating pattern that suits you and your life, so you can stick to it long term.

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Kate Freeman

Kate Freeman is a Registered Nutritionist and the founder and managing director of The Healthy Eating Hub. Kate’s healthy eating philosophy is all about whole, fresh foods, being realistic about life and creating long term healthy eating habits. She doesn’t believe in detoxes, fad diets or quick fixes. Once you’ve finished working with Kate, you’ll be empowered to feed yourself well for the rest of you life! More about the Author