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Fitness roadtest: Define Fitness

Ashleigh Went

It’s kind of funny how personal training is sometimes not personal at all.

One of the biggest problems that people encounter in the fitness industry is the “one size fits all” approach. While that may work for some, it’s certainly not for everybody—particularly if you are looking for something a little more individual or special.

Well, might I suggest to you that you give Define Fitness a go. I met owner Nathan Hitchcock at a café, in what he calls a “coffee consultation”. You don’t even need to call to organise the consultation – you just book online, fill out a short questionnaire and meet Nathan for a coffee.

If you’re new to this whole personal training thing, let me tell you—this level of personal interaction is not exactly standard practice—but it’s a really refreshing approach. Nathan asks me about everything…my goals, my history, my eating habits, my sleeping pattern, my job—in essence, my life.

Define Fitness Consult

By finding out all about his clients, Nathan is able to step back and make an informed recommendation that’s uniquely tailored to your needs.

Define have a range of options that includes partner training, bootcamp, yoga inspired Flex Express, Tough Enough strength and conditioning, and tailored corporate and private groups. For me, he recommended the Finally Fit and Fabulous Forever personal training. Anything fit and fabulous sounds just fine to me!

In order to get a holistic taste of what Define Fitness has to offer, I was treated to a 45 minute session—15 minutes each with three different personal trainers—Maddi, Sab and Nathan.

First up was Maddi aka Define Fitness’ Smiling Assassin. Maddi comes across as lovely and gentle, but don’t be fooled—she’ll put you through your paces! I’m also told that she’s recovered from multiple surgeries herself, so she’s a great choice if you’re after some rehabilitation.

After a brief warm up we launch into intervals with sprints, push ups and burpees. Next I put on some gloves and launched straight into boxing…with more burpees! It was only a 15 minute session but I was wrecked, and still with two more 15 minutes sessions to go.

Seb has a very unique style of training based around animal movements linked to martial arts like Brazilian jiu-jitsu. While at this stage I was hoping for something like “the sloth”, unfortunately this was not the case.

Seb ran me though four different exercises that involved crawling and hopping like a leopard, a bunny, a frog and a bear. I won’t sugar coat it—you will look ridiculous.

Well, I did anyway.

Rest assured though, it’s a really challenging and fun workout. The movements are difficult but the good thing is that you can take your time if you’re really struggling, and I was. Seb is super encouraging and really motivates you to crawl those last few meters when you’d really just like to collapse on the grass.

My last session was with Nathan. While Nathan is a big believer in body weight exercises—“If you can’t support your own weight, why would you lift anything else”—for our session he brought out a range of equipment, some of which I’d never seen before.

We ran through a circuit that included kettle bell swings, rows, ball slams, goblet squats and core exercises. Nathan has a really good way of explaining exercises and is there to watch carefully and support you the whole way through. I also like that he explains why you’re doing each exercise or stretch and where you should be feeling it.

He has a really comprehensive understanding of fitness and the human body—between his 7 years as a Ruby League coach and his job as a PE teacher—he’s got the knowledge to help you achieve your goals.

Define Fitness Cool down

At the end of the session we go through a cool down and Nathan encourages me to take care of myself afterwards by having a hot and cold shower, and eating some protein for muscle development plus getting enough rest. This genuine concern for your wellbeing is what sets Define Fitness apart. It’s a very holistic, personal method.

This is particularly the case with the Finally Fit and Fabulous Forever package. Not only do you get 10 x 1-hour personal training sessions, you also get a personalised program, daily reminders and weekly tips, a copy of Define’s Get Fit and Healthy Cookbook and Smoothie 101 ebook, as well as access to bootcamp, all at an incredibly reasonable price. In all honesty, it’s a very competitive package.

So whether you’re tired of being just another number in the gym or just tired of not feeling your best, this is definitely one to try.

Photos in this article are courtesy of Define Fitness and do not feature the author. 

Flex & Stretch Classes

Flexibility is for everyone, whatever your age, body composition or fitness level. Flex & Stretch at Define Fitness is ideal for those looking for a stronger and healthier back, a flatter tummy, a more toned mobile and flexible body, better posture, fitness and general well-being, rehabilitation from injury, or balancing and strengthening the mind and the body.

The Flex & Stretch classes run twice a week in the great outdoors! Each session will no doubt make you feel better within yourself and is a great way to stay fit and healthy, and essentially palm off the injuries you experience with physical activity, age and general wear and tear. All you need is your own yoga mat. Don’t have one? No worries, just contact the team who can point you to one of their partners to purchase one.

The essentials

The place: Define Fitness

Where: Define Fitness are mobile training service so session times and locations are varied.

How much: Finally Fit & Fabulous package is $599, or if you’d prefer to pay as you, Define Fitness are offering unlimited Bootcamp sessions for only $59 per month. With a variety of packages and options also available, check the website for more information or book in for a coffee consult with Nathan.



Ashleigh Went

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