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Join celebrity trainer Sally Andersen for a weekend of wellness

Ashleigh Went

Since opening last year, Hale Gym has established itself as a trusted wellness destination. 

From the Scandi-inspired, minimalist luxe feel, to the innovative TechnoGym equipment, every detail has been immaculately designed and executed. 

So it comes as little surprise that their upcoming Pilates Retreat is hosted by two of Australia’s leading Pilates instructors and teacher trainers, Lanette Gavran and Sally Anderson. Over 15–16 September, the duo will be treating participants to a weekend of workshops, classes and experiences designed to impart a deepened understanding of Pilates.  

Sally Andersen is an internationally renowned Pilates guru, with a slew of celebrity clients under her belt including Jennifer Hawkins, Wendy Harmer, Ian Moss and Cirque de Soleil. 

“I toured with them on Saltimbanco” says Sally, “they were fantastic to work with—and not necessarily for the reasons people may think—that they’ve got these amazing bendy bodies, but because of their commitment to making the movement really precise.” 

“That’s what I find really rewarding about working with clients who are at a higher end, celebrity status: they want to get it as precise as possible, and they want to apply the concepts as much as I want them to.” 

Lanette is no stranger to Canberra Pilates devotees, having taught here for 22 years. She is the founder of Pilates Canberra, and throughout her career has opened a number of studios across Canberra, including at Hale. 

Lanette first crossed paths with Sally after travelling to the Gold Coast to further her Pilates training. 

“I’d heard about an international Pilates qualification called BASI ran in part by this woman, Sally Anderson. I enrolled in the course and flew up there. On the first day we did a mat work class outside on the beach, and that was when I really fell in love with Pilates.” 

Sally went on to establish the Pilates International organisation and led the development and registration of the first government accredited Pilates courses and govt registered training organisation specialising in Pilates training delivery. 

“During that time, she was without a doubt my mentor” explains Lanette. “Then from about 2006 to 2010, she and I became very close friends.” 

The pair began to travel internationally together and studying Pilates. 

“We would go to New York and study with major protégés of different lineages of Pilates, who were very important in terms of the history of Pilates.” 

Lanette returned to her hometown to share her knowledge and experience with clients, and was approached to open a Pilates Canberra studio at Hale. 

“I was lucky because from the ground up, the space was really built for what I thought the requirements were for a magnificent place like Hale.” 

Before the space was even open to the public, Lanette had envisioned hosting a Pilates retreat alongside Sally. 

“She’s a guru. She’s an incredible, inspiring person and she and I really enjoy working beside each other, when we get the rare opportunity to.”  

The retreat is open to instructors, people who are new to Pilates and those who have been practicing the Pilates method long term. 

“We have a range of classes for participants,” says Lanette. “We can really combine what’s appropriate for each guest. It’s for everybody who wants an immersive experience of Pilates.” 

Guests will be able to participate in group Mat and Reformer classes with different levels and focuses, as well as attend workshops. 

“You’ll learn about posture types, what your posture is, which areas that you might need to strengthen…it allows you to structure an effective workout program for yourself that will improve your posture, and most likely your overall look” says Lanette. 

“There will also be workshops that cover some of the basics of Pilates and how and why it’s so important. You’re using Pilates to facilitate the learning, and you walk away with an understanding and knowledge that’s backed up by science.” 

Sally has been working on content for the workshops, and is excited to share them with guests at the retreat. 

“What I’ve been working on is trying to narrow down the best, simplest options for people to create their own health out of Pilates, because it really is more of a health modality than anything else.”  

“I’m planning on going into how you can use Pilates to create better immune system health, that’s huge these days for people.  

Lanette and Sally employ an evidence-based approach to their classes.  

“I’ve been involved with the University of Canberra for quite a while now, and written two of their major scientific research trials on Pilates that were conducted through the NewActon studio. These are studies that have been published in peer reviewed journals that back up that Pilates actually does work, and does something for the body that’s effective.” 

“Both Sally and I look for validation through scientific research, and everything we do is based on that. I think that’s really important: anything that we do or that you do, we need to have a deep understanding and it needs to be backed up with research.” 

Not only will participants have the opportunity to learn and practice with Sally and Lanette, but also to engage with them further over the course of the weekend during meal times and breaks.  

“Sally and I want to be there at meals and talking, interacting, answering questions with the participants. It should be fun!” 

Guests are able to select from a range of packages that allow you to participate in a full day, or half days. The Retreat is set in the elegant Realm precinct, and can elect to stay in the beautifully restored Brassey Hotel, with meals and snacks included.  

It’s the perfect wellness getaway for interstate guests and local alike: what better way to fully immerse yourself in the experience that to indulge in a Pilates staycation hosted by internationally renowned experts? The Retreat is open to both men and women of all abilities, with couples welcomed.  

the essentials
What: Wellness Retreat at Hale Gym
When: Saturday 15 – Sunday 16 September 2018
Where: Hale Gym, 10–14 Macquarie Street, Barton ACT
How much: Pricing ranges from $365 for a 1-day retreat with no accomodation or meals, to $844 for a 2-day retreat with accomodation, 2 x lunches, 1 x dinner, 4 x classes and 4 x workshops. Check the website for the full range of prices.
Book: To learn more or book, please call 02 6273 3101 or email [email protected]

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