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Want to start cycling? Now’s the time.

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“It’s just like riding a bike.”

We’ve all heard the expression – but what if you never really learnt to ride a bike in the first place?

Or, what if you’re all too aware of the health benefits of cycling, but either don’t have access to a bike? Or you don’t have the confidence to ride it regularly?

Well, consider Pedal Power ACT as your very own personal training wheels. They’re offering a few programs to set you up with the skills to get cycling with confidence.

Cycle Works

For starters, on 1 March they’re kicking off the Cycle Works challenge, which encourages people to try riding their bike to work.

According to Pedal Power, 114,000 people regularly ride a bike in the ACT, yet only 3% of those people use their bike for transport.

“Autumn is a great time to ride a bike in Canberra, with the cooler temperatures and the city’s landscape full in colour,” says Pedal Power CEO Ian Ross.

“Today we are launching this season’s programs to help people get cycling, with something for all levels of skills and experience.”

The program is free – all you need to do is register online, and then set and track your goals on the leader board. Riders accumulate kilometres as individuals and teams.  Not only can you encourage your friends and colleagues to get active and sign up with you, but you can also go in the running to win prizes, including a Trek bike.

“I’ve loved listening to the stories of people who’ve been through these programs and hearing how their lives have been transformed through cycling,” says Ian.

“We’ve had people who’ve never been on a bike and are now enjoying the freedom of regular riding, and others who’ve talked about how much healthier they are and how much weight they’ve lost while riding to work.”

Cycle Well

If you’re not quite ready to be riding to work every day, there’s Cycle Well: a tailored cycle tuition course for adults who want to learn how to ride a bike.

The course kicks off on 22 April, and lessons take place in a non-traffic environment where you can learn from qualified instructors, safely and at your own pace. It’s designed for adults who have never ridden a bike, or want to learn basic skills. Each student begins the course with an assessment, to make sure that you’re receiving training that’s right for you.

Lessons run for an hour and are help over 5 consecutive weekends, for a cost of $105 including bike and helmet hire if needed.

New Horizons

If you’re not quite a beginner but want to improve your skills, then you might consider the New Horizons program. It’s designed to help you to improve your cycling skills and become a more confident rider.

You’ll learn to understand your equipment, including how and when to use your gears, as well as how to look after yourself and your bike, road safety skills and traffic awareness, and how to ride comfortably on bike paths.

The program runs from 14 March to 17 May, and is $275 for existing Pedal Power members, and $339 for non-members (which includes membership).

To find out which program is right for you, contact Pedal Power ACT on 6248 7998, [email protected] or

Feature image by Alexey Lin on Unsplash


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  • Graham Tupper If you really want to change your life so cycling is your first choice to get to work and to the local shops, or have a spin around the lake then consider an electric bike. Apart from being just plain fun it means you can wear normal clothes (not get sweaty) and adjust the power to get more or less assistance as you like. I offered free trials of e-bikes in association with Pedal Power last year and many discovered the freedom these bikes give – including women and men with health issues unable to ride, or keep up with their family, on a pedal bike. If you want to try one out now you can join one of my short e-bike tours or organise a group e-bike trip starting from a picnic area around the lake, or ask for a trial with Switched On Cycles (my main supplier – very good value and great follow up service). E-bikes really are all fun and no sweat. Graham, Canberra Urban Adventures T: 0421 140 401 Email [email protected]