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Hungry Mama Bear: Homemade Food For Families

Molly McLaughlin

In the haze of bringing home a newborn baby, cooking is often the last thing on a family’s mind.

Ebony-Maria Levy is the founder of Hungry Mama Bear post partum catering based in Canberra, and wants to help with that. She also has customers dealing with situations other than newborn babies that use her services, like parents who are going back to full-time work or a family that has caught a day care virus.

“There’s a really strong materialistic focus when it comes to what you need with a new baby or children generally, but I think a lot of that is unjustified,” Ebony says. “The most valuable thing is practical support, whether it is from family, friends or other service providers like us. We’re just trying to replicate what you would do for yourself if you were able to.”

When Ebony left her job as the global head of legal and compliance for a multinational corporation, she was thinking about spending more time with her husband and two year old son, rather than starting a new business.


“Hungry Baby Mama came about fairly organically,” she says. “When my friends and family were having babies I was so flat out and I wasn’t in Canberra very often because of work which made me feel like a really bad friend. When my family did cook, certain things that we now provide in our Newborn Feast were becoming frequently requested and we thought there was a demand for this sort of food.”

According to Ebony, not only was there a lack of options in Canberra but also post partum catering wasn’t available anywhere in Australia. So along with her family, she has created the service she wishes had existed in her own life.

“It’s a family business and I’m working very closely with my grandmother, who is Viennese, and my parents when they are able to help,” she says. “Our property is in Wallaroo and we’ve always produced a lot of food as a family. It’s a nice part of the business because we often have a surplus, which we are able to use in our Hungry Baby Mama recipes. Recently we’ve been able to make the passata that we use for our lasagne from tomatoes we had grown ourselves.”

Hungry Mama Bear is a growing business and Ebony is currently trialling monthly deliveries to Sydney but intends to keep the focus on Canberra.

“Post partum catering is something that still feels really special and really indulgent but it’s also super practical. It’s a great opportunity for us to provide this to people.”

the essentials

What: Hungry Mama Bear Post-partum catering
Where: Delivery to most Canberra suburbs
More information: visit Hungry Mama Bear’s website here.


Molly McLaughlin

Molly McLaughlin is new to Canberra and is attempting to prove to her friends that the capital city can be cool. This mostly involves frequently going out for brunch and then posting about it on social media, along with trekking up hills and around art galleries. She is half way through her uni degree but spends most of her time reading, writing and planning her next adventure. More about the Author

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