InTransition: the Antidote to the 24-hour news cycle

Jodi Morrell

Canberra-based government content marketing agency, contentgroup, is determined to provide the government with the antidote to the 24-hour news cycle. A business focussed on helping the government communicate more effectively, they have launched a podcast series that explores the practice of content marketing in government with the goal of strengthening communities and improving the well-being of citizens through more effective communication.

David Pembroke, the founder and CEO of contentgroup, says the purpose of the podcast is to help people working in government communicate more effectively.

InTransition is narrowly focussed on answering the questions and meeting the needs of government communicator,” David says.

“Their challenges are different to the private sector so we are making a program specifically for them.”

As an ABC radio current affairs reporter for eight years, David well knows the importance of communication. David still appears regularly on ABC local radio programs and truly enjoyed his time as a reporter. In creating InTransition, David has brought his career full circle and is enjoying being back behind the microphone. David is passionate about improving the way government uses content to communicate with its citizens and his global aims for the program are reflected in the variety of international guests he has interviewed for InTransition.

“Our first guest was Alex Aiken, the head of the UK Government communication service. He is one of the busiest people in the UK but he still had time to have a chat,” shares David about his high calibre international guests.

David’s experiences in media and content marketing have given him a keen awareness of the fact that the rise and dominance of social media has given the individual unique control of the marketing messages they receive. contentgroup is driven by the knowledge that it is now of primary importance to build a strong, trusted connection with the individuals marketing messages are trying to reach. Content marketing is a strategic and measurable business process that relies on the curation, creation and distribution of valuable, relevant and consistent content to engage and inform a clearly defined audience. The objective of providing this content is to drive a desired citizen or stakeholder action.

contentgroup develops content in a broad range of mediums, including video, audio, text and graphics and is working to improve the ability of government to explain what they are doing to the voting public. InTransition has been uniquely constructed to achieve this aim by providing valuable, informative and clearly communicated content to the public service seniors who are guiding the governments’ communication with its citizens.

Designed to draw on the thinking and best practice of experts from across the globe as well as local influencers like Carmel McGregor and Andrew Metcalfe, InTransition focuses specifically on solutions to Government communication problems. A series of podcasts designed to introduce the concept of content marketing to government, InTransition aims to convey and explore ideas. Each program is focused on delivering information which will increase understanding in government agencies about innovative communication strategies that can be used to communicate with the citizens they serve.

New episodes are released each Thursday. To find out more about InTransition visit the website or tune in on iTunes.


Jodi Morrell

Jodi Morrell recently abandoned her long-term public service career to pursue her passion for writing full time. She is passionate about politics, federal and local, and loves to explore and understand opposing political standpoints. Jodi loves travel, good food and wine, fitness and obstacle races (the muddier the better) and books. More about the Author