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Have your say on job and home security

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Are you getting enough hours of work? Is your housing suitable for your needs?

Three of the biggest issues in many people’s lives are being physically and mentally healthy, having a safe and secure place to live, and having meaningful work that pays a living wage and allows for a healthy work/life balance.

Right now, the ACT Legislative Assembly has inquiries looking at two of these issues: housing, and insecure work. These two aspects of life have a big impact on that third area – being physically and mentally healthy.


Research tells us that many women find it difficult to balance the multiple responsibilities in their lives with the paid work that enables them to pay the bills. That might mean having to balance casual work, often in low paid retail or hospitality industries, with study commitments or carer responsibilities.

It might mean doing a job they love, such as childcare or disability care work, at a rate of pay that means they can’t afford housing. Or being highly qualified, but finding that the only work available in the ACT right now is short-term contract work, which adds to their stress. For women with disabilities or chronic health conditions, finding the time and energy for everything they need to do in a day is even more difficult.


Women’s Centre for Health Matters believe it is important to hear women’s voices in looking at issues as broad as employment or housing. The way in which these aspects of life impact on women can be different. This is why the Women’s Centre are holding two forums for women, to give women an opportunity to have their voices heard on housing and insecure employment in the ACT.

The forum for women and insecure work in the ACT will be held on Thursday 31 August 2017 from 12pm til 2pm at the Theo Notaras Centre in the city.

The Women’s Centre wants to hear from women who are:

  • Working casual or on contract
  • Are underemployed – not getting as many hours as they would like
  • Are having difficulty finding permanent or full-time work

The forum for women and housing in the ACT will be held on Wednesday 13 September 2017 from 12pm til 2pm at the Pearce Community Centre.

Some things they might talk about at the forum:

  • Is your housing suitable for your/your family’s needs?
  • What do you sacrifice to pay higher rent/mortgage?
  • Are you worried you won’t be able to afford the housing you need into the future?

To RSVP for these forums, please contact the Women’s Centre for Health Matters.

The information gathered at the forums will be used to respond to the two ACT Legislative Assembly inquiries, and in the Centre’s advocacy work on the socio-economic determinants of women’s health.


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