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Killer Resumes: Sorted

Wendy Johnson

Kate Prior of Canberra based face2face Recruitment knows a thing or two about what makes or breaks a resume.

She’s just written an online book on the subject and it’s a #1 best seller on Amazon.

Resume Success Secrets is a gold mine of practical information and tips on how to write a resume that gets you and interview and, ultimately, the job. It’s a great resource for anyone who needs to write or update a resume—a task many dread, and it’s particularly valuable these days as Australia experiences its highest unemployment rate in over a decade.

“It’s tough looking for work, so I wanted to make it as easy as possible,” says Kate. “Our unemployment rate means more people looking for work and more people competing for the position you want. It’s so much easier when you have an arsenal of tools you can use to help you put your best foot forward.”


Author Kate Prior

Resume Success Secrets is designed to cut to the chase. There are no fancy words, no long-winded information. It provides you with what you need to take the first step toward finding work with an awesome resume.

It’s valuable for first-time job seekers (including university grads), those returning to the workforce after a break (including mothers re-entering the workforce) and those seeking a new position or career (including those made redundant or those keen to pursue new opportunities).

“Your resume is the only information a new employer has when deciding if you should be one of the lucky ones selected for an interview,’ says Kate. ‘Your resume must be scannable—people usually spend only 60 seconds on your resume so you have to quickly get into their heard and give them what they’re looking for in a job candidate.”

The first part of the book takes you step-by-step through the process of creating a spectacular resume. The second part covers preparation for and presentation at interviews—something that many people dread.

The book include a large number of tools and resources, including resume templates, a job tracker form, videos, and good and bad examples of how to best present your resume.

But, remember, getting an interview with a fabulous resume is only the first step to winning a job. The second step is doing well at interview. Resume Success Secrets has a bonus chapter on interview tips.

“This chapter is written to help you stand out during interview,” says Kate. “It provides advice on combating your nerves, what type of questions to expect and ways to best answer them.”

Kate has placed more than 1,500 job seekers throughout her 20-year career in recruitment. She was inspired to write the book having identified a gap in the market.

“Every time someone sits in front of me looking for a new job, I find myself providing the same advice over and over,” says Kate. “This was the catalyst for producing the book.”

At face2face Recruitment, the team knows the pressure many face when looking for work. “You might be the sole bread winner for the family or unexpectedly found yourself retrenched or are desperately trying to help your children find work before they become one of the long-term youth unemployment statics,” says Kate. “No matter what the reason, Resume Success Secrets will help.”

Kate started face2face Recruitment in 2005. Five years later she won the Australian Small Business Champion Award for Recruitment Services.

You can buy ‘Resume Success Secrets’ online for $4 through

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Wendy Johnson

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