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Learning made fun for preschoolers

Rebecca Carpenter

A Preschool Kids Math app that even parents will love…

Flame Learning founders, Bronwen Mackenzie and Adrienne Gross, are collaborating to create the best learning apps on the market for preschoolers which aim to be educational, fun and innovative. In the face of rapidly changing and developing technology, “Flame Learning holds to the core principles that learning should always encourage children to ask questions, explore and, above all, have fun.”

With backgrounds in adult education, eLearning and training development, Bronwen and Adrienne were working together for a private training development company when the idea of developing their own education app for preschoolers was first discussed.

“I was looking for tablet [device] apps for my son, and became frustrated by the lack of apps that were educational and that were also not heavily branded by with Disney or Peppa Pig”, Bronwen reflects.

“We joked about designing our own for a while, and then decided to get serious and just get on with it.”

For both women, their own app had a few ‘must haves’ on the design list including original graphics and original music by Australian artists. For Adrienne, who is a fairly serious dog enthusiast, the app had to also include puppies.

Bronwen and Adrienne collaborated with Ruwandi Perera for the development of the graphics. Originally a Canberra girl, Trish Dellaney-Brown, wrote and produced the backing music and also provided the voice over. For those music enthusiasts, you may remember Trish as the original soprano for Idea of North.

The result of all this local collaboration is called the Preschool Kids Math. The app is the first part of a six game app series called Pups with Numbers and is available on both Apple and Android devices. In this app, children can follow their choice of puppy and trace numbers from zero through to 20.

The app helps children to recognise numbers up to 20 and helps the development of fine motor skills through tracing. Importantly for parents, this app doesn’t collect any data and there’s no in-game advertising or purchasing.

Miss E, who just turned four years old, test drove the app for me over the weekend. She picked up the tracing in record timing, and enjoyed picking a puppy to follow. And she’s definitely looking forward to the release of the next app!

The essentials

What: Preschool Kids Math app
Audience Age: 3-6 years old
Platform: Android and iOS
Devices: Smartphones and tablets, iPhones and iPads
Web: www.flamelearning.com.au


Rebecca Carpenter

Rebecca Carpenter works in Social Policy and has a busy family life with Victoria (1yr) and Eliza (3yrs). With a Bachelor of Arts (English and History) and a Master of Public Policy, Rebecca has always been passionate about writing, research......and wine. Her wine education has definitely been helped along by husband and local Lark Hill winemaker, Chris Carpenter. More about the Author

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