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Simple Giving: The art of the gift

Nicola Sheville

With mothers day only three months away it’s probably about time to start thinking of ways to spoil your mum.

I’ve always found it hard to find a gift that accurately expresses how grateful I am to my mum for the things she’s done in my life, and as a single parent looking after myself, two brothers and four dogs, being the parent has not always been an easy task.

But then I finished a Bachelor degree and my mum, being the generous person she is, got me a little something to say congratulations. It was no ordinary gift, like a bottle of wine or some flowers, but something special that had clearly been well thought out and took my tastes very much into account. And that was how we came across Simple Giving.

Simple Giving is the brainchild of New Zealander turned Canberra local, Senga O’Byrne, whose outlook on gifts is something that should be aspired to.

“It’s a box of love,” says Senga of her personalised gifts. “When you receive a gift that is personalised for you it means that someone knows what you like and listens to you, it means they took the time to find a perfect, yet simple gift.”

Owner of Simple Giving Senga O'Byrne

Owner of Simple Giving Senga O’Byrne

Simple Giving’s process goes a little something like this; you visit the website and fill out a short questionnaire that covers hobbies and interests, whether the person is a tea or coffee drinker, whether they prefer baths or showers – little things that make up a persons likes and dislikes.

After filling out the questionnaire you choose your price, a delivery date and address, and submit your order.

the art of giving1

A Simple Giving gift box

“We can source anything to your budget,” says Senga. “There will always be the basic items, like a magazine, chocolate, candles, journals, bath and shower products, and tea and coffee. But there really isn’t anything that we can’t source for the gift.”

Not long after, you’ve got a custom designed gift basket for whoever it is you want to spoil.

The company also offers gift ‘top ups’ every three months if you’re away for a long period of time but you still want to treat someone special.

simply giving3

“For example, if you’re in Defence Force and want to spoil your partner, these gifts will come to them while you’re away,” explains Senga. “I’m also looking to offer memberships in the coming months. Basically you give us the details of all your anniversaries or birthdays you want to send gifts for and I will make sure no occasion is missed.”

Senga started the company with the aim of giving gifts a meaning that she thought had been lost due to changing lifestyles, and really adhering to the philosophy that it’s not about the gift, but the thought put into it.

simple giving2

“I think we’ve kind of lost that philosophy,” she explains. “Not intentionally, but due to lifestyle demands and people being busier than ever, so it’s really nice to receive something that looks good, because presentation is huge, and is clearly well thought out.”

the essentials

What: Simple Giving personalised gift boxes
Where to order: Visit theartofgiving.biz or at facebook.com/theartofgiving.senga
How much: Gift boxes range from $65 upwards or you can name your own price and personalise from there

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Nicola Sheville

Nicola Sheville is the current Entertainment Guide Editor of Canberra’s BMA Magazine as well as a regular contributor to media publications and sites including The Canberra Times, NowUC and UK music blog, Absolute Music Press. She enjoys writing about music, video games, television, books, film and travel. After completing her Bachelor of Communication in Journalism, she is now studying an Arts and Design Honours degree at the University of Canberra, specialising in the media portrayal of true crime stories. More about the Author

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