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The hub of love: Moxom + Whitney

Kaylia Payne

Lou Moxom and Belinda Whitney are the best friends behind hip florist Moxom + Whitney and they are taking Canberra by storm with their keen eye for detail, gorgeous designs, emphasis on sustainability and upbeat personalities.

If you’re a fan of beautiful bouquets and quirky terrariums, and love to support local businesses, then it’s only a matter of time before you find yourself nose deep in flowers having a chat with Lou and Belinda about all things floristry.


Moxom + Whitney are doing things a little differently to your average florist with a strong focus not only on their beautiful flower arrangements but also on their terrariums, which can be custom-made to any theme you desire.

And we’re not kidding when we say any theme but Lou will tell you that this can sometimes make things rather interesting.

“Terrariums depicting EXACT places are hard,” she says.


“We’ve recreated Mount Majura, the Nevada Desert and a world for Hobbits. I think people forget the space Bin has to work with is tiny…She’s good, but Lordy her language can get colourful!”

Moxom + Whitney have a strong focus on customer service and it always feels like you’re “walking into your mates house – happy, comfortable and inviting,” says Lou. “That’s our focus.”

This includes their Flower and Terrarium classes that they run once per week and which Lou describes as über fun, and after getting a quick rundown it’s not hard to see why. Delicious food? Check. Champagne? Check. Creating a terrarium or beautiful bouquet of flowers that you can take home at the end of class? Check.


Lou reveals that even the waiting list for the classes has a waiting list, so if you’re keen it’s best to register your interest early.

Not surprisingly, Moxom + Whitney also just happen to be located in the hippest part of Canberra — Braddon.

“The parking can sometimes be a bit of a bummer but that’s the only problem, seriously,” Lou shares.

“Lonsdale Street is one the most exciting, colourful, inspiring places to be right now. The sense of community is amazing and seeing so many small, independent retailers “giving it a go” is just awesome.

“It’s a hub of love down here, really it is.”

It’s easy to be in awe of people brave enough to open up their own business and Lou is only too happy to offer advice to those who may be considering setting out on their own self-employment adventure.


“Have a goal – see yourself and your business in five years time and never lose sight of that,” says Lou.

“Only put in as much money as you are comfortably able to lose (harsh but true, you have to be prepared for the world NOT to be as in love with your ideas as you are!). Understand, like really truly understand, that times will be tough and you will work until you are physically exhausted; you will work without pay and yep, you have to do all the crappy jobs.

“If you have a business partner, (yay you – hopefully he/she is your bff like Whits and me?), be 100 per cent able to speak truthfully…If you can’t, forget them as a business partner. Don’t give up and don’t lose your sense of humour.”

Both Lou and Belinda have stuck steadfastly to this advice and it’s not hard to see that they absolutely love what they do.

Everything they sell is made with passion and a lot of care goes into their arrangements – you won’t find single stem flowers for sale there, nor you will be able to purchase a gerbera ( sorry gerbera lovers; you’ll have to look elsewhere). These ladies have even started to grow their own flowers and greeneries in order to become self-sufficient and bring the price of the flowers down.

“We are super aware of our little footprint on this earth, and recycle and reuse where possible,” admits Lou.

Find out more about Moxom + Whitney (including their Flower and Terrarium classes) on their website and Facebook page.

Or better yet, pop past their store for a chat and treat yourself to the gorgeous scent (and sight!) of fresh flowers.

The essentials

The place: Moxom + Whitney
Where: 27 Lonsdale Street, Braddon
Open: 9am-5.30pm Monday to Friday; 10am-3pm Saturday and Sunday

Kaylia Payne

Kaylia is a career-student who is currently doing her MA in Writing and Literature. A student/office assistant by day and a blogger by night, she dreams of one day having a job where she doesn’t need to wear shoes to work. Read more of her fabulous work here. More about the Author

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