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Where do good ideas come from? Turn them into reality at Start-Up Camp…

Anna Pino

Good ideas are a little bit of strategy, a little bit of good timing and sometimes a healthy dose of luck.

However, somewhere in the intersection of all these things, focused effort is required. This is where you move from simply thinking about an idea to actually trying it out.

My interest in the whole area of creative problem solving and idea generation was the driving force behind Lighthouse bringing Start-Up Camp to Canberra over five years ago. The Start- Up Camp concept has been around for many years and has clearly shown that the environment you’re in and the people you surround yourself with definitely play a role in driving your creativity.

The annual Start-Up Camp Canberra happens over the course of a weekend, this year on Friday 25 to Sunday 27 July. Creative thinkers, problem solvers and entrepreneurial minds from all over Canberra come together, form teams and pitch an idea for a web-enabled business to a panel of judges on the Sunday afternoon.

Five years of Start-Up Camp has taught me a few things about ideas:

Great ideas are anchored in people, not methodologies, theories or strategic approaches. Some of the best ideas we’ve seen come from teams focused on solving a problem that affects them directly.

Aha moments often occur when ideas collide in an environment rich in diversity of people and experiences helps to encourage innovative thinking.

Expertise can be a real barrier to good ideas. The best ideas come about when you stop viewing other ideas as competition, but rather look at how ideas can build on each other and relate to each other.

Good ideas are not about finding the one perfect solution, but reframing a problem to explore new possibilities.
Some of the most well-known inventions have been a result of trying to find a simpler, and/or faster ways of doing things.

If you see yourself as a bit of an ‘ideas person’ and want to experience some of the above, then Start-Up Camp is bound to get you excited. It’s a weekend dedicated to the process of finding problems, coming up with solutions and designing businesses which can continue well beyond the weekend.

Thanks to the support of the Australian National University and the University of Canberra, the event is free for participants’ affiliated with these institutions. Other participants will be asked to make a $50 contribution to catering costs for the weekend. To find out more visit www.startupcampcanberra.com.

the essentials

What: Start-Up Camp Canberra
When: Friday 25 to Sunday 27 July 2014
Where: Australian National University College of Business and Economics
How much: Free for participants’ affiliated with ANU and UC. Other participants are asked to make a $50 contribution for catering.
Web: www.startupcampcanberra.com

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Anna Pino

Anna Pino is the CEO of Lighthouse Business Innovation Centre. Lighthouse has a strong track record of supporting entrepreneurs, researchers and inventers on the path from concept to commercialisation. Since July 2008, Lighthouse has worked with over 990 distinct enterprises and provided group and peer based services to over 3400 enterprises and individuals. For over five years Lighthouse has successfully delivered business advice, education, mentorship and networking opportunities to help these businesses commercialise their ideas and grow their companies. Lighthouse also delivers programs for the ACT Government such as the ACT Microcredit Program as well as Canberra BusinessPoint (jointly with the Canberra Business Council). Visit www.lighthouseinnovation.com.au for more information. More about the Author

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