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WOTSO WorkSpace: an innovative office environment

Jodi Morrell

Today’s business environment is evolving at a rapid rate. The changes can be seen in everything from the way employees are hired and incentivised, to the increasingly innovative approach to managing office spaces. One of these approaches has come to Canberra in the form of the WOTSO WorkSpace in Dickson.

The increasingly mobile workforce operating in today’s business market means that the physical needs of businesses are changing. The traditional office building with endless rows of offices and cubicles is an expense that many major companies, and most small and emerging businesses, simply don’t need to be investing in. The overheads needed to upkeep and maintain these buildings have become a waste of finances that companies are determining could be better used.


WOTSO WorkSpace is one of a range of companies providing flexible working environments to businesses in Canberra. The principles behind the WOTSO WorkSpace is that businesses hire what they need, reducing the overall overheads while still presenting a professional image and an environment conducive to meeting both client and employee needs.

The rapid development of the online marketplace and advancement in communications technologies means that it is no longer necessary for employees to be located all in one geographic location. Employees can be hired to work remotely, wherever makes sense. The WOTSO WorkSpaces in Australia and overseas are all configured to meet the needs of such employees, providing internet access and whatever desk space is needed, from single desks to meeting rooms to offices. Businesses are now able to hire what they need from the WOTSO WorkSpace to deliver the best business results to their customers.


The flexible workspace trend has swept through Europe and the US with major companies jumping at the chance to streamline their processes and finances by hiring flexible work space rather than maintaining the expense of their own office space. Add to this the fact that these companies have operational spaces in a wide range of major cities throughout the world, means companies can continue to provide support to their employees and customers who travel widely but still need to maintain contact.

The WOTSO WorkSpaces have number of flexible workspaces in cities from Canberra to Sydney to the Gold Coast with the goal of the company being to provide workspace for hire wherever you go. WOTSO WorkSpace provides flexible solutions ranging from private or group offices, to open plan collaborative spaces. If you don’t see a space you need in one of their properties, the team will create a space that meets your specifications. WOTSO WorkSpace is a company that has identified a way to best support the businesses of today and the rapid pace of change that they operate within.


I have been lucky enough to spend the last two months working out of the WOTSO WorkSpace in Dickson. The experience has proven to me that this is the way of the future when it comes to office environments. WOTSO WorkSpaces – the Dickson property included – are simple, nimble and highly adaptable to change. This was evidenced on my first visit to the Dickson space when I met Annie Brown, the manager.

Annie took me on a tour of the space while explaining both her vision and goals. We started in the foyer of the building so Annie could give me an idea of the experience my clients would have when they entered the building. Annie has a clear idea of the atmosphere and community she wants to create within the Dickson WOTSO WorkSpace. But at the same time, Annie is very conscious of the needs of her tenants and is focused on keeping plans for the space fluid and accommodating.


Annie expresses her vision with passion and excitement and as we walked through rooms filled with chairs and desks soon to be set up as workstations I could see how her plans were going to bring the still rooms to life. As the property manager, Annie will create a community for her tenants, including the usual footy tipping competitions and Friday afternoon drinks found in usual office environments.

The WOTSO WorkSpace is a way for businesses which are usually isolated by geographic constraints to become a member of a community while remaining independent and keeping overheads low. It also provides opportunities for collaboration with other businesses being accommodated within the space. The WOTSO WorkSpace is a natural venue for inadvertent networking and the energy, creativity and ideas that will come from these spaces will surely change the shape of the future of business.


At the moment, the WOTSO WorkSpace in Dickson is pretty quiet and the atmosphere is very calm. But the meeting rooms are well used and the big meetings held in them give an idea of what the space will feel like when it’s full. The meetings spill out into the breakout kitchen area, creating a buzz of energy that exemplifies what the space will feel like every day when it’s fully tenanted.

If you’re interested in hiring space in the WOTSO WorkSpace contact 1800 4 WOTSO or email [email protected]. The space is now open on the Ground Floor of 490 Northbourne Avenue, Dickson. Give Annie a call and ask about this month’s special offer of a free day trial to have the WOTSO WorksSpace experience. It’s worth it!


Jodi Morrell

Jodi Morrell recently abandoned her long-term public service career to pursue her passion for writing full time. She is passionate about politics, federal and local, and loves to explore and understand opposing political standpoints. Jodi loves travel, good food and wine, fitness and obstacle races (the muddier the better) and books. More about the Author

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