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Alphabet Dating in Canberra: S, T, U

Beatrice Smith

Alphabet Dating encourages you and your partner to take turns tailoring a date for the two of you that is themed with a letter, working your way through the alphabet.

By now you’re hopefully familiar with our Alphabet Dating series where we showcase the best of Canberra’s activities and attractions for date nights with your special someone (or just your mates).

We’re almost at the end! If your date nights are getting a little boring with the same old movie and dinner routine then you need to read on! In a city bustling with events, festivals and institutional attractions you would think there’d be plenty to keep you occupied without doing the same thing over and over again.

There’s a new trend emerging – Alphabet Dating – encouraging you and your partner to take turns tailoring a ‘date day’ (or night) for the two of you that is themed with a letter, working your way through the alphabet. Your partner will know the date and time of the date as well as the letter, however the challenge is to take turns to surprise each other with activities.

For example, Krissy will plan dates A, C, E while Peter will plan dates B, D, F and so on. Krissy will know that Peter is planning their ‘B date’ for Saturday at 10am but won’t know what they’re doing until the day.

So everyone feels inspired, we’ve included our suggestions for Alphabet Mate Dates too which are low budget with kid-friendly options too!

Before you read ahead, read our suggestions for dates A, B & C here, dates D, E & F heredates G, H, I here, dates J, K, L here, dates M, N & O here and dates P, Q & R here.

Here are our suggestions for Alphabet Dates S through U…




What to tell them to bring: Warm, water proof gear, gloves, beanies and someone will need to provide tyre chains if you’re wanting to go all out.

S is for Snow and with the weather as it currently is, we might as well embrace it. Corin Forest is the closest to Canberra, where you can toboggan, play in the snow, ride the Alpine Slide or just relax with a hot chocolate next to the fire. Read our article hereSnowplay Ticket – $15 per person
Toboggan Hire – $5 per session


The snowy fun at Corin Forest.


But, you can also head to ‘the snow’ for a day – if you don’t have the aforementioned tyre chains, drive as far south (towards and past Cooma) as you can and see if you can spot some snow before the roads get too icy. You could even make S date into a mini-break and head to Perisher or Thredbo for the weekend for some skiing and snowboarding.

If you do have tyre chains, but not enough time to drive to Cooma or beyond, you can go to Namadgi National Park, which is an easy 45 minute drive (you’ll need tyre chains for the last section). Even if you’ve been hiking there before, the novelty of hiking in the snow will make the day a memorable occasion.

S is also for safety, so make sure you’ve packed enough warm and emergency essentials such as a First Aid kit, change of clothes, blankets, and food and you have a full tank of petrol and a way to charge your phone.

If snow really isn’t your thing and you’re still in denial about the state of Canberra weather (join the club), S can stand for singing. There are some great concerts and performances happening every week in Canberra – for more details you can check out our weekly ‘In The Can’ article.


If you’ve got kids in tow, take them along to see Stripey – The Eggscellent Adventures of an Emu Chick at the Canberra Theatre. Based on the West Australian best selling author Wendy Binks, “Stripey will simply steal your heart away”. You can book tickets here. Tickets are $24.90 each 

After that, why not sneak across London Circuit into City Walk for Skate in the City – it’s heaps of fun for all ages! $20 for a general skate session, $15 for those under 15, $50 for a family of four, and $25 for skate and show. Children under 5 free.

Even though the first part of S date was definitely seasonal, we hope that Alphabet Dating is timeless and therefore in the Summer we hope that S could stand for swim! Taking the kids to Big Splash, Civic Pool, Manuka Pool or Phillip Swimming and Ice Skating Centre can be a fantastic day out for families or mates. Entry into public swimming pools is usually between $5 and $15 for children and adults.



What to tell them to bring: Active wear and a tennis racquet (or bring one for them if this rather gives the game away)

T is for Tennis so grab your sweatbands, knee high socks and colourful jumpers and head to your nearest public courts. It might be a bit icy in winter so try and pick a clear, sunny day if possible; otherwise the courts themselves might become somewhat dangerous. You don’t need to play by any rules, just having a good, clean hit around is a really fun way to spend time with a partner, bringing out the competitive spirit in both of you and breaking a sweat at the same time. Courts cost anywhere from $5-$10 to hire for an hour.

If you’re really keen on making it an active date, rent a tennis court at the ANU for an hour and then hike up Black Mountain to Telstra Tower. The views are quite spectacular!

Enjoy the views from Telstra Tower.

Enjoy the views from Telstra Tower.

After tennis (or Telstra Tower) you could go out for some Tapas or if you’re feeling like some delicious modern European cuisine, you can head to Temporada in the city.

If it’s a Friday night, strap on your dancing shoes and head to Mooseheads for La Mariposa – a Tango ‘milonguita’, where you can enjoy three hours of dancing for just $10 (free for non-dancers). Want to practice beforehand? Find a Tango Teacher here.


T is for Taco Night! Head to Honkytonks for a great selection of tacos and tequila…or, if you’d rather hunker at home, you can DIY! Tacos are great for groups or couples so just buy your ingredients to suit your numbers.

Tacos from Honkytonks

Tacos from Honkytonks

For your meat and bean mix

Brown mincemeat with one clove of fresh chopped garlic in 1 TBSP of oil in a deep frypan. Once it’s browned, add kidney beans and canned tomatoes with a good pinch of salt and pepper in a saucepan. From here you can add chilli flakes, pepper or pre-made Mexican spice mixes to taste. You could also add onion, capsicum, fresh tomato or corn to this mix.

For the rest

Set your table or buffet bench with a bowl of the meat and bean mix and bowls of grated cheese, chopped lettuce, sour cream, guacamole, chilli sauce and chopped fresh tomato.



U is for Usher. Not the late 90s R’n’B legend (unfortunately), but the lovely people who show you to your seats at the theatre. There are a number of great performances coming through Canberra weekly such as the Bangarra Dance Troupe, the Bell Shakespeare Company and the Canberra Theatre Company. Check the Canberra Theatre website for details as to what is currently being performed in Canberra and take your date on a romantic, cultural night out.

Post theatre, why not head Underground for a nightcap? Canberra has some great speakeasy bars, with A.Baker’s intimate space and the hard to find Molly (which also boasts some amazing charcuterie) top of our list. Check out 20 of Canberra’s best bars here.


Molly is a great place to head for drinks and charcuterie.



U is for Umpire. It may be difficult to envision getting outdoors during these bleak winter months but playing team sport can be exactly what you (and your mate) need to kick your body into gear in time for the warmer months.

Great sports to sign up to with your mates include Mixed Social Netball, Soccer, AFL, Touch Football, Ultimate Frisbee or even Dodgeball! Entry for individuals or a team may seen costly at the start, but the changes in your body and mood that playing team sport (or just being active!) during winter months can bring will be priceless!

If you’re looking for a sweet end to this mate date look no further than a Pineapple Upside Down Cake! Check out the recipe below!


Pineapple Upside Down Cake

You will need

250g butter
1/3 cup brown sugar
½ cup caster sugar
1 cup plain flour1 cup
of pineapple pieces
1 cup milk

  1. Pre-heat your oven to 160 degrees
  2. Slice a fresh pineapple into little 3cm chunks (you can use canned pineapple)
  3. In a 20cm oven proof dish, place 100g of butter, cut into cubes
  4. Put in the oven to melt
  5. When the butter is melted, take the dish out of the oven and tile the pineapple pieces across the bottom, leaving little bits of space between them.
  6. Sprinkle the brown sugar over the pineapple and set aside
  7. Melt the remaining 150g butter in a large mixing bowl
  8. When the butter is melted, pour in the caster sugar and flour. Whisk to combine
  9. Begin to add the milk until a cake batter consistency is formed. Add more milk if necessary.
  10. Pour the batter over the pineapple pieces and brown sugar and put in the oven for 15 minutes or until cake is springy when touched in the middle or a skewer comes out clean.
  11. Serve with cream or ice cream!

Images of tango dancers and pineapple upside-down cake from


Beatrice Smith

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