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Anything but basic books

Rebecca Worth, Paperchain Bookstore

Looking for an anything-but-basic read? Here are five books which celebrate simplicity.


Wendy Mak

Having been inspired to declutter our homes by Marie Kondo, it’s the closet’s turn for attention. Wendy Mak outlines the capsule wardrobe phenomenon and guides you to streamline your collection to just 30 items with 1001 combinations. Get back to basics with a step-by-step guide to curating essentials, finding pieces that pop and discarding the rest.


Nick Hunt

Following in the footsteps of the great writer and traveller Patrick Leigh Fermor, Nick Hunt recounts his journey on foot from the Netherlands to Istanbul. He encounters strangers who become friends, rugged mountain ranges, snaking rivers and the freedom found in the wilderness. Nick’s journey across one continent embraces slowness in the face of

a busy world; he lets himself linger in moments and begins to return to what it means to be human.


Brooke McAlary

After experiencing postnatal depression, Brooke McAlary knew that it was all too easy
to burn out in the ‘busyness’
of today’s world. By practising mindfulness and finding daily rituals she slowly regained vitality, health and her passion for life. A beautiful example of transformation found through a return to the small joys in life.


Kirsty Logan

In a weather-beaten cottage in northern Scotland, Liska and Ruth prepare for the birth of their first child. Though they have agreed to only speak the truth to their baby, both women secretly recount wonderful tales. Ruth narrates during the day and Liska by night as Ruth sleeps. Logan’s novel weaves together stories folklore, fantasy, birth and death as she exposes storytelling itself as innate to our shared experience of humanity.


Tim Winton

Jason Dessen is happy in his life; he loves his family and his routine job. But when he is given the chance to escape his past and become the celebrated physics genius

he always hoped to be,
what will he choose? Venture through the multiverse as this intelligent thriller leads you to question everything, from your perception of reality to your own deepest motives.

All titles available for purchase instore at Paperchain Bookstore in Manuka or at paperchainbookstore.com.au

Rebecca Worth, Paperchain Bookstore

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