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Fashion meets art: Benjamin Shine

Nip Wijewickrema

Grooms around the world have surprised their brides since the beginning of time. Surprise honeymoons, guests from far away, tribute dances, speeches and songs – but what about mind-blowing artwork?

When Danielle Stone married award winning international artist Benjamin Shine, she was greeted at the end of the aisle by the most remarkable sculpture made out of mesh.

Actually, I can’t even do justice to describe it, so I’m going to show you before we start discussing and demand our current and future husbands to get their act together.


Entwined Metal Ribbon Sculpture. Photo by Lilli Waters.

I know, right. That’s 4km of metal mesh that was lovingly (and I’m sure painstakingly) sculpted to create the silhouette of the couple for their wedding day. This ribbon art sculpture titled “Entwined” isn’t a product of Photoshop or astonishing hallucinations – it’s the hard work of talented artist Benjamin Shine.

Benjamin created this work of art to symbolise and reflect on the journey he and Danielle had enjoyed.

“The floating ribbons reflect our journey together over the past 11 years…. falling in love and sharing every twist and turn along the way,” said Benjamin.

On top of this incredible gesture that’s sending all us women demanding our men come up with something like this – the ribbon led their nearest and dearest wedding guests to form an arch for the couple to marry under in the Southern Highland bushlands. Talk about whirlwind fairy-tale.

Photo by James Alexander.

Photo by James Alexander.

The whirlwind journey doesn’t end there for the adopted Canberran whose incredible art is currently on show at the Canberra Centre.

The Canberra Centre commissioned Benjamin to unleash his wildest and most stunning dreams to create a sculpture showcase titled ‘The Dance’ that sees tulle artwork pushed to a new limit.

The sculptural installation explores the idea of creativity as a powerful yet brief force, charged with passion and energy. ‘The Dance’ represents this flow and fleeting expression bursting from the source as if manifesting momentarily.

One of the many unique aspects of Benjamin’s artwork is that his focus is working with tulle. Don’t get me wrong – he creates masterpieces with various mediums, but there’s something special about tulle that makes him tick – and let’s be honest, he’s pretty extraordinary at it.

“I originally studied fashion design where I learnt about fabrics and garment construction. Over the years I began to develop ideas with fabric away from the body as art pieces. The idea of ‘painting with fabric’ lead to these tulle works whereby the folding and layering of the fabric enables tones and textures to define images and forms.

“For several years I was interested in creating images from a single piece of tulle, but this is the first time I have used a combination of different colours and the first time I have suspended them as installations,” said Benjamin.

'The Dance' is being unveiled today at Canberra Centre.

‘The Dance’ is being unveiled today at Canberra Centre.

Benjamin’s ‘The Dance’ utilises over 2000 metres of tulle constructed by folding and hand sewing the fabric into place.

“My tulle fabric installation explores the idea of creativity as a powerful yet brief force, charged with passion and energy. ‘The Dance’ represents this flow and fleeting expression bursting from the source as if manifesting momentarily.

“A white circular vessel releases a smoke-like plume of tulle high into the air, engulfing the ceiling above. The colours converge to form two large faces and a series of dancing figures, silhouetted within the flowing fabric as if suspended in motion,” said Benjamin.

Benjamin spent a week behind closed curtains at night working to bring together this incredible art piece, the installation created in separate parts in Benjamin’s studio and then transported meticulously and installed into the Canberra Centre where it will be unveiled today.

Special Event

Meet international artist, Benjamin Shine, at an exclusive session this Saturday 9 May from 11.30am. Ben will discuss the techniques he used to create his artwork. Spaces are limited so reserve your place by emailing: [email protected].

The essentials

What: Fashion meets art – Benjamin Shine’s ‘The Dance’
Where: The Canberra Centre, Level 1 near Trenery.
When: From Tuesday 28 April 2015
Web: www.canberracentre.com.au


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