Canberra is joining the global Women’s March

Emma Macdonald

On Sunday 4 February, Women’s March Canberra is inviting people who believe in equality, safety, and respect to join them in creating a human chain.

Following similar Women’s Marches taking place this month in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, the Canberra event is expected to draw a sizeable crowd.

Organisers – the Canberra-based youth and women’s rights organization Jasiri – want the human chain to be a show of strength and solidarity.

“Our chain will stand as a statement that we are tired of being demeaned, bullied, and violated. Our chain will say no to the ongoing harassment and violence. Our chain will show that together we are unbroken,” said chair of the Women’s March Canberra, and CEO of Jasiri, Caitlin Figueiredo.

Caitlin Figueiredo. Credit: Martin Ollman

The chain will start in Garema Place at 10.30 where people will link hands. The event will feature some notable speakers including Nip and Gayana Wijewickrema. Nip is the founder of social enterprise GG’s Flowers and Hampers and ACT Young Australian of the Year 2016. Other speakers will include Tanvi Nangrani, from Young Women Speak Out who will speak on young women and #Metoo, and Robyn Martin from Beryl Women’s Shelter.

The Voice Australia top four finalist Lucy Sugerman will sing at the event as will Sparrow Folk.

Lucy Sugerman

Caitlin is keen for a strong attendance at the event, where all are welcome including children as it will be fun and kid-friendly.

“2017 has been undoubtedly challenging. It has also been a year of strength, defiance and exposure. People around the globe have found inspiration and courage to stand up and speak out against inequality and injustice in unprecedented numbers,” said Caitlin.

Women’s March Canberra 2016. Photography: Em Roberts Photography. Image supplied.

“This watershed has resulted in a widespread outing of media moguls, politicians, entertainers, and businessmen finally facing exposure for their predatory misogyny and harassment of women in the workplace. Galvanised by one another’s courage, women are coming forward to demand accountability for perpetrators and the institutions that have protected them for years.”

She said the Women’s March was a powerful moment for women’s rights and the global community needed to understand that no woman should have to suffer violation or humiliation in their workplace, community, or home.

Women’s March Canberra 2016. Photography: Em Roberts Photography. Image supplied.

“All women deserve to be safe and to have access to equal opportunities and the same protections as men.”

“Enough is enough. The misogyny, harassment, and violence must stop.”

the essentials

What: Women’s March Canberra
When: Sunday 4 February from 10.30 am
Where: Garema Place, Civic

Donations taken at the event will go to the Beryl Women’s Shelter and The Alannah and Madeline Foundation to support women and children living in emergency accommodation.

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