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One good thing after another…

Beatrice Smith

What’s one perception you wish you could change about Canberra?

“That we’re a town full of stiffs – and not in a good way!” says Lou Moxom of Braddon’s Moxom and Whitney. “People still see us as a public servant town and there’s just so much more…SO much more.”

“That Canberra’s boring!” exclaims Anna Petridis of Freakshake mecca Patissez. “I remember when we had all the contestants come for My Kitchen Rules and everyone was like “I love it here! I want to move here!” They were so blown away. Canberra has totally evolved on such a huge scale.”

I spoke to Lou and Anna this morning at the unveiling of Visit Canberra‘s newest campaign, one they hope will bring visitors to Canberra on a scale never seen before, revitalising Canberra’s tourism market with a new slogan: One Good Thing After Another.

Visit Canberra’s campaign targets our senses, showing – rather than telling – audiences how amazing Canberra can look, smell, taste and feel through a series of ‘Weekend Movie Trailers’ that showcase the different ‘moods’ of Canberra getaways. Through these trailers Visit Canberra are hoping to establish Canberra as the destination for weekend road trips for families and couples – a message we couldn’t get behind faster.

National Dinosaur Museum


One Good Thing After Another is named after the combination of diversity and proximity that Canberra provides, meaning visitors are able to do the most activities in the least amount of time. Each video shows around 25 real experiences tourists can have when they visit Canberra from eating and drinking to art and culture and children’s activities.

One of the most unique features of the campaign comes from the app that will be released later this year, that will allow users to build their own Weekend Movie Trailer, creating both an itinerary for themselves and a shareable finished product.

For now though, they’ll be releasing the various Weekend Move Trailers over the next few weeks. We have a sneak peek at their ‘Best Weekend Evveerr’ trailer below…



Beatrice Smith

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