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Celebrate National Ride2Work Day with ACTION

Beatrice Smith

As someone who regularly catches the bus to work and at other times rides their bike, I’m probably a bit biased towards ACTION.

However, even if you’re not sold on our city’s buses quite yet, there’s every chance you will be after the event that ACTION are putting on next Wednesday 14 October.

There’s nothing like enjoying a free healthy snack in the sunshine – the only thing that could possibly make it better is to not have to pay for parking that day…and not worry about parking inspectors…or when the metre will run out.

National Ride To Work Day is celebrated around Australia and this year ACTION is jumping on board to show you how easy it is to combine bike travel with public transport and get that 30 minutes of exercise in your busy day.

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Similarly, ACTION have a Park & Ride option which encourages Canberrans to park their cars for free* in allocated spaces across Canberra and catch ACTION buses the rest of the way, thus freeing up space in the CBDs of Canberra and decongesting our roads.

As part of the day, from 11am – 2pm on Wednesday 14 October, there will be festivities happening in the Parliamentary Triangle for everyone to come and enjoy including stalls, information on living a healthier lifestyle and free food!

Located at the Federation Fountains between the East and West Lawns in the Parliamentary Triangle, there will be free water and fruit provided and the first 30 people to demonstrate the correct way to use an ACTION bus bike rack will receive a free $10 pre loaded MyWay card.

While a free healthy snack is definitely worth the walk (or ride!) over from work, you should also consider the benefits of riding to work beyond next Wednesday, not just for your health’s sake, but for your wallet too.

Parking fees in the Parliamentary Triangle has risen steadily since they came into enforcement last year.

To park near NewActon’s HerCanberra headquarters you’ll pay anywhere from $12 to $17 per day, with many NewActon workers renting car spaces from local apartment owners.

That’s $85 per week if you miss out on the $12 car spaces, not to mention a parking fine or two if you forget the trip to the metre. In the Parliamentary Triangle it’s $12 per day – that’s $60 per week.

park and ride 3

In comparison, using a MyWay card on ACTION buses will cost you $2.91 per trip – that’s a total of $29.10 per week for 10 bus trips.

The average Canberran works for around 11 months of the year.

11 months of paid parking in the Parliamentary Triangle will cost you $2880 compared to $1396 for 11 months of two bus trips per day.

That’s a saving of almost $1500 per year, not to mention how much you’d save on petrol and the possibility of parking fines.

So get down to ACTION’s Bike & Ride event on Wednesday 14 October – a free snack and some healthy lifestyle tips may just be the first of your savings!

the essentials
What: Celebrate National Ride2Work Day with ACTION
Where: Federation Fountains between the East and West Lawns in the Parliamentary Triangle
When: Wednesday 14 October 11am-2pm.

*To park for free in a Park & Ride facility, you must have a certain amount of money pre-loaded onto your MyWay Card and in some areas, a Park & Ride permit, which is free and can be obtained here.

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All images courtesy of ACTION.


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