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Circus Oz: But Wait…There’s More

Wendy Johnson

It’s enchanting. It’s entertaining. It’s exhilarating. Circus Oz is rocketing into town with its brand new show, But Wait…There’s More—a two-hour, action-packed spectacle.

I’m a big kid when it comes to the circus. And I don’t need to gather little ones round me as an excuse to go. I go ‘cause I love the thrill of it all. Mel Fyfe, Company Manager of Circus Oz, says this new show is a satirical look at today’s culture of ‘infobesity’ and consumer overload. It’s based on STUFF, STUFF and STUFF (but wait…there’s more…STUFF).


This is an exuberant live circus performance bursting with energy—a crazy mix of acrobatics, juggling, trapeze work, unicycle and hula showstoppers, and wonderful live and original music.

Mel is in a good position to judge the show because she knows a lot about what makes a circus act top-notch. She’s been on stage her whole life as a dancer and acrobat. Her first gig with Circus Oz was in 1999 and she was the company’s strongwoman until early 2010.


Today Mel is the Company Manager who handles a gazillion tasks to keep the show on the road, including tour management, logistics and ‘playing mum’ to the performers while they travel.

So what does Mel love most about But Wait…There’s More? “The way the cast glows on stage,” she says. “Mostly the cast have been together for 18 months now and they’re like a family. They have a special bond with each other which comes out when they perform.”

Mel’s personal favourite acts? She admits it’s extremely challenging to decide, given the calibre of talent that is Circus Oz. When gently nudged, however, Mel says it’s the Unicycle Adagio performed by April Dawson and Kyle Raftery, who are partners in real life as well as on stage.


This is a unique combo of acrobatic high performance and elegant dancing—on a unicycle. “It’s a beautiful act accompanied by an original musical score by our Musical Director,” says Mel. “There’s a massive build up and it’s pretty special.”

Mel’s next favourite act would be by Olivia Porter who presents a superb juggling act. “She’s so quirky, watchable and talented,” says Mel. “Olivia has spent a lot of time refining her choreographic moves. It’s a truly unique act.”


Most Circus Oz performers are hugely multi-talented with many both musicians and circus performers, like Matt Wilson. Matt’s talents include acrobatics, hand-balancing, slapstick comedy, clown, juggling, high falls, human cannonball, flying trapeze, hoop diving, guitar, clarinet, saxophone, percussion and vocals. It’s hard to believe, isn’t it?

Circus Oz has been delighting audiences for close to 40 years. It has performed in 27 countries, across five continents to more than three million people and represented Australia at scores of international festivals.

the essentials
What: Circus Oz ‘But Wait…There’s More’
When: 23 to 26 September
Where: Canberra Theatre Centre
Tickets: canberratheatrecentre.com.au or call the Box Office on (02) 6275 2700.

Images courtesy of Rob Blackburn 

Wendy Johnson

Wendy Johnson graduated with a Master’s Degree in Journalism from Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada, a few decades ago. She’s been living in Australia since 1995, having fallen in love with eucalypt trees and kangaroos. Wendy is passionate about Canberra and all the nation’s capital has to offer. She loves to write (about everything and anything) and owns her own pr and advertising business. More about the Author