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From The Beatles to Beethoven, the CSO has something for everyone this year

Ray Mardia

“or The Classical Music Lover’s Guide to the 2016 Canberra Symphony Orchestra Program

Beyond the music itself, it is an amazing feeling to watch different parts of an orchestra come together. It’s a kind of poetry. When the musicians are in harmony with each other, when they veer to play on different paths, when they rush to turn the pages to follow the music, when they patiently wait for the flicker of the conductor’s hand before taking their next breath – when the sum of each part creates a whole story in sound – seeing that creativity in action is amazing to experience.

If you want to have that experience right at home, the Canberra Symphony Orchestra (CSO) takes you into the enchanting world of classical music. They have a diverse and exciting program this year, filled with iconic composers and pieces for you to enjoy.

The CSO tackles a legend

I attended the Beethoven performance last week as part of the Llewellyn Series, where the CSO played the symphony to end all symphonies: Beethoven’s 9th. I could write about the piece for a while, so I will just say that the performance was inspiring and uplifting.

The epic Ode to Joy choral arrangement in the final movement was an especially powerful reminder that as we sing and as we live this life, love and harmony are the best of what we have to offer each other.

The CSO performing at Llewellyn Hall

The CSO performing at Llewellyn Hall

If you missed out on last week’s performance, some amazing concerts are coming up as part of the CSO’s Llewellyn Series.

On 17-18 August, witness a beautiful dance between a violin and a cello as the CSO plays Brahms’ Double Concerto. They will also play Dvorak’s Seventh Symphony, which is a journey into the mind and spirit of a fascinating bohemian and romantic composer.

The CSO will end its Llewellyn series on 2-3 Nov, with a monster performance of Rachmaninov’s passionate Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini and Tchaikovsky’s beautiful and bittersweet Symphony No 4 in F Minor.

And that’s not all…

Aside from its Llewellyn Series, the CSO will also host its Icon Water Gala on 2 July where they will join forces with Opera Australia to bring you compositions from Mozart, Verdi, Wagner and Puccini, as well as its Canberra Weekly Matinee Magic on 8 October which will be a meeting of the symphony with the nostalgic era of the Beatles.

Needless to say I’m very excited about these events. Whether you are a seasoned classical music connoisseur, or you are thinking of exploring more classical pieces, the CSO has a great range of performances lined up this year. I hope you enjoy the music!

For more information, please visit www.cso.org.au

The author was a guest of the Canberra Symphony Orchestra however her opinions remain her own. Images courtesy of the CSO. 


Ray Mardia works as a lawyer in Canberra and can recite most of the lyrics of Baby Got Back. An epicurean at heart, Ray loves the good life, people's stories, nature, art and beauty in all its forms. Ray is a lifestyle contributor at HerCanberra. More about the Author