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Fall in love with Tuggeranong

Ashleigh Went

While many local twenty-somethings heed the call of hipster Braddon or the scintillating inner south, Danielle Meddemmen has chosen to remain close to home in the Tuggeranong area.

Danielle has spent her 21 years in her Gordon family home. When the time came for her to move out, she chose nearby Theodore as the location for her new home.

Danielle explains her lifetime love affair with Tuggeranong.

Familiar Feels

There’s a lot to be said for remaining close to your beginnings. The nostalgia that many of us experience from visiting the places we grew up is something Danielle experiences regularly.

“I’ve lived in the same house my whole life” she explains. “Most of my favourite memories of growing up would be the friends that I made in the area. I went to school in the neighbourhood, and I used to ride my bike there with some of the other kids.”

“I also remember being so close to the corner shop, and walking down with my sisters to buy ice creams in the summer.”

The local Gordon shops would also be the place where Danielle would work in her teenage years.

“I used to work at the IGA, so I still know a lot of people from my time there.”

“It’s really familiar to me, and it’s a very friendly neighbourhood. When I was growing up, all of the people around us, all of our neighbours had kids around my age or older, so we were always hanging out together.”

Retail therapy

When it comes to shopping, Danielle says Tuggeranong residents are spoilt for choice. Beyond the local shops, there are a multitude of shopping centres with various offerings.

“I think the Lanyon Valley in particular is a great place. It has everything you need in terms of grocery shopping: it’s got a bakery, it’s got a butcher, its got all of that type of stuff really close.”

“I guess the next best thing is the Tuggeranong Hyperdome, which is everything else you would need. It’s also super close so you don’t have to go too far to get any of those things.”

Quick commute

Danielle says there’s a misconception regarding the accessibility of Gordon and the surrounding suburbs. The reality of driving to work and back is that it’s quite easy.

“I work in Mitchell and Kingston, which is still south side but not nearly as south. I think people think that Gordon is further away than it actually is – the Parkway has made it super easy to get to anywhere you need to go.”

“Canberra’s not that big – it’s only half an hour to the other side of town. It’s not like Sydney or anything.”

Home Sweet Home

Danielle is renting her new home in Theodore, but says that she would be interested in buying a property in the future.

“I would definitely consider buying a house in Tuggeranong” she says, “especially for the space.”

“The blocks are such a good size unlike some of the newer built up areas. I also think you pay a bit less, because of this idea that it is so far out and inconvenient, but the parkway has made it so easy to get anywhere from the south”

At the age of 21, starting a family may be a few years away for Danielle, but she says the Gordon area is the perfect spot for young families.

“I think it’s a good place for families. It’s got all of those shopping facilities close by, and there’s so much in the area. People think it’s so far out but there’s at least three primary schools, not to mention the high school – and then going further out into Tuggeranong, there’s even more in the area.”

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