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Fall in love with Casey

Ashleigh Went

If suburban stereotypes are anything to go by, quiet Casey in Gungahlin might just be the last place you’d expect to find a young public relations maven.

But Claudia Vannithone says that’s exactly what makes it so perfect.

The Managing Director of PR and marketing firm Agency9 bought her home off the plan in 2009 at just 24-years-old—she moved in a year later and hasn’t looked back (or anywhere else) since.

Claudia reflects on her near decade-long romance with Casey.

My way to the highway

Claudia says early mornings are key to her easy work commutes.

“My day starts at 7 o’clock in the morning, so for me the commute is fine, although I know it can be problematic from about 7.45am. At the moment, there are a lot of roadworks so once the roads get wider and there are more exit points, that should change.”

Ample highways surrounding the suburb means that surrounding town centres are easy accessible.

“It’s really not that far away” says Claudia. “We’re literally on the point of three main highways!”

Room to roam


Tequila and Sambuca aren’t just Claudia’s drinks of choice on the weekend–they’re also the names of her two Pomeranians.

“I live my life by my dogs. I like to take them for walks on the weekends. There are a lot of green areas around Casey, so we have all that space to walk them on their leads. If they want to go off their leads, we have this awesome dog park less than a kilometre from my house. Everyone there is super friendly, it’s probably one of the better dog parks in Canberra.”

The place to be

Claudia says that Casey has come a long way since development began.

“When I first moved to Casey, it was me and the five other red brick houses that were attached to my terrace home, and nothing else—just grass and the newly built roads”

“It’s changed a lot since then—the main thing is that the shops which were built last year have brought a lot of communal space for everyone to hang out. The Casey Jones Gastropub is really good – they have this great outoor area, a bar section for younger people who want to hang out, a larger area for families…my brother lives nearby and we go there quite a lot.”

“There’s a range of specialty shops there as well, including a barista and baker, so we don’t really need to go anywhere else. The Supabarn is fantastic, it’s really changed how I live in the Gungahlin area—everything is right at my doorstep now.”

Beyond her suburb, Claudia says that Gungahlin has made leaps and bounds since she moved to the area.

“Gungahlin is awesome. Having Kmart come to Gungahlin has changed everything—particularly my bank balance!” she laughs.

“The Marketplace have done an awesome job of bringing a wider variety of things to Gungahlin that we didn’t have before! It’s now convenient and fun to go there, because there’s so much to do.”

Low maintenance living 

Running a business and maintaining a social life means that Claudia doesn’t have a lot of time to spend tending a garden.

“My house is the perfect house for a busy working person like myself” she explains, “because while it’s still small, it makes great use of space – it’s really easy to rent out and have housemates because every bedroom is quite separate.”

“It’s easy to keep clean and tidy, the front yard has artificial grass, and the backyard is just pebbles and pavers. It’s really low maintenance, so I can just do what I need to do and not have to worry about it looking good, because it just does that itself.”

Not only is maintaining the home manageable, but so was being able to afford to buy into the area.

“When I bought it I was 24-years-old, and I didn’t want to live in a rented apartment—I wanted to live in something that was my own. The beauty of it was that even though it was a bit further out from the city, it was a single title so I completely owned it, and I could afford it.”

Sweet sanctuary

While she used to run Agency9 from her home, Claudia’s office is now located in the leafy suburb of Barton. Having some distance from her work has helped Claudia to establish more work-life balance.

“It just helps separate work and home for me. I do crazy hours: 12 to 13-hour work days, but now when I’m at home I can just be at home. It’s so peaceful, there’s not a lot of traffic around.”

“I really do love Casey.”

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