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Fall in love with Yass

Ashleigh Went

If you’re finding yourself overwhelmed by the hustle of city living, or daydreaming of wide open spaces, perhaps it’s time to broaden your horizons and take a look at Yass.

After feeling a little cramped in their house in Casey, Lauren Kerkin, Residential Account Manager at realestate.com.au, and her partner Sam began their search for something more – which is exactly what they found: 10 acres, to be exact.

“Having 20 centimetres of land on one side of the house and a metre on the other was just beyond frustrating,” says Lauren. “We originally started our search in Murrumbateman and then discovered that you can actually get a lot more for your money just 15 minutes up the road in Yass.”

Value for money indeed: for approximately $150,000 more than they sold their house in Casey, the couple was able to purchase a four-bedroom home with a heated indoor swimming pool – not to mention plenty of space for their three German Shepherds.


“We’re very into the German Shepherd world,” says Lauren. “We travel the country showing them on weekends, and we’re currently in the process of registering for our breeder’s license – so the space was a big attraction for us.”

Here are some more reasons why Lauren has fallen in love with Yass:

Country hospitality

“The community is just amazing,” Lauren says. Having grown up in Canberra, Lauren was surprised at how friendly and welcoming the Yass community is.

“They’re very much country people out here – you walk down the main street and people that you don’t even know are smiling and waving saying hello to you. We noticed the difference right away.

“We’ve got some of the best neighbours ever – we catch up with them and have dinner, it’s lovely.”

Wining and dining

Lauren lists visiting local wineries as one of her new favourite pastimes.

“I love when we’re here on the weekends and we get to go and try out one of the wineries, or get a cheeseboard and a glass of wine in the afternoon.” The farmers markets are another top favourite, where Lauren and Sam stock up on fresh produce.

“The markets are fantastic – there’s one in Murrumbateman and one in Yass. There’s lots of local mums and dads that are selling fresh fruit and veg or showing off the wine they’ve made.”

Lauren says there’s no shortage of cute cafes lining the main street of Yass, and sings the praises of new eatery Clementine.

“For dinner on a Saturday if you’re looking for something a little more upmarket there’s Clementine, it’s this lovely little house that’s been converted into a restaurant and it’s absolutely beautiful.”


Slice of paradise

“It’s hard to explain, but there’s something so peaceful about having your own little piece of the world out here,” Lauren says.

“We’re what you would call ‘residential rural’ in that we’ve got neighbours that you can see, but there’s silence at night, there’s pitch black, it’s just divine. I love that we can sleep with the blinds open at night without the city lights.”

Lauren says that friends and family initially had concerns about the couple moving to Yass.

“I think a lot of people had this vision that we were going to live 20 kilometres down a dirt road and have no-one around us, which is just not the case,” she says. “Friends and family come out here now and everyone’s quite jealous of the space that we have!”

“The best way to describe Yass is that you get the best of both worlds: we have easy access to everything in Canberra but if I want to have a quiet weekend at home there’s a Woolworths, an Aldi, a butcher, everything I need.”

Crosstown wind-down

Lauren confesses that her biggest fear in moving to Yass was the commute – but it’s a time she’s come to cherish.

“It’s amazing, you just put your car on cruise control, and in the morning it gives you time to prepare for the day and in the afternoon when you’re heading home it gives you time to wind down – that way when you walk in the door at home you’ve let go of all the frustrations from work and you’re ready to relax.

“If you’re into audiobooks it’s a great time to listen to those, or just put the radio on and zone out.”

The couple also uses the opportunity to spend quality time together.

“I’ll take Sam to work a few days each week so we can do the travelling together.”

“We love it. I’m not sure I could ever move back to Canberra now to be honest!”

Think you could fall in love with Yass? Check out houses for sale in Yass on realestate.com.au.

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