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Five things to see at the Canberra Show

Kristen Henry

Not going to lie, this is one of my favourite times of the year when the ActewAGL Royal Canberra Show comes to town. Wood-chopping, a 37-metre Ferris wheel with a rotating gondola, and hot men in shining armour are all fabulous new additions to this year’s line-up.

Sure I could tell you about the old favourites like the Farmyard Nursery or the Trackskill Holden v Ford Ute Challenge. But you saw those last year, right? Here’s your must see…



They are new, they’ll make you wee your pants in excitement and they are events that the family will love.

  1. Cut it out, Australia v New Zealand in wood…chopping

For the first time, you can catch the wood-chopping on all three days of the show. Yep, it’s THAT popular, especially when the two powerhouses in the age old sport, Australia and New Zealand, go up against each other. New South Wales will meet Queensland too in epic battles including the stand block chops.

  1. Pooches who can fly—cue…Flyball titles

We get the National Flyball titles. You may see the next-door neighbours pup running, jumping and fighting for balls triggered by flyball box pedals.

  1. This makes me dizzy…a 37-metre Ferris wheel with a rotating gondola

It’s not the show without a Ferris wheel, right? Well this one exceeds expectations. It’s 37 metres tall and comes with a rotating gondola which sparkles at night. It’s the first time this wheel of fabulousness has visited Canberra and it’s sure to be a favourite.

  1. Knights in shining armour, with big bulging poles

Knights, on horses and jousting, make their debut at the show this year. Knights charging at one another at full speed is sure to be a spectacle!

  1. Finally, finish with a bang, gang

Bigger, brighter, booming crackers to round out the show. My tip, get your seat early. They’re on tonight and tomorrow night.

Don’t. Even. Start. Me. On the showbags.. That’s a whole other article. For more details visit canberrashow.org.au. I’ll be the one trying to find my Knight in shining armour at the jousting.


Kristen Henry is one half of The Kristen and Wilko Show on MIX 106.3 in Canberra. Follow her adventures at kristenhenry.com.au. More about the Author

  • Wisco Wife

    Hi Kristen! Would love to know your thoughts on the Showbags!
    I think my twin brother should buy me the BIGGEST Cadbury Chocolate or Allens Lollies Showbag (does Allens do a showbag?!?), whichever you think is better for a gal who’s been in Wisconsin USA for 2 years without any Aussie (candy) delights!!! Also, his 4 month old nephew needs an insight into his parents heritage… What do you recommend for the wee ones?
    Thanks Kristen! 🙂 xo xo

    • Kristen

      Hi Wisco Wife! How lovely to think my article has reached you all the way over in Wisconsin! No Cadbury chocolate for almost 2 years? This. Needs. To. Change. I think your Twin needs to send you a care package stat. Cadbury showbag, Killer Python showbag and maybe a Thomas the Tank Engine bag for your little man. xx