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Fix and Make: questioning the way we live today

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As we emerge into a more sustainable, up-cycled world, it’s difficult to know exactly where to learn pertinent skills.

We all recycle (some more fervently than others) and many of us have veggie patches and shop at charity stores. However, even though many of us want to actively learn about living in a sustainable way, where do you go to learn the practical skills?

Hotel Hotel—that insanely stylish, design award winning hotel in NewActon whose foyer is made from 100% reclaimed timber—is once again hosting a festival of learning, fixing and making to help you up-skill for this brave new world.

It’s called Fix and Make—a series of workshops and conversations which this year actively questions the conventional systems of production and consumption at play across many areas of contemporary society including products, housing, fashion, labour and food industries.

Fix and Make brings together people from a variety of fields such as science, art, design and craft, food, education, music, psychology and the environment to explore small ways of subverting the status quo from many perspectives. The program also looks to other cultures and other times in history as places and points for alternative learning.

Through hands-on investigation and philosophical musings the program is designed to make us slow down and consider some practical, historical and experimental alternatives for the way we live, work, eat, produce and purchase.

Upcoming winter workshops

Making Do: Jugaad with Trent Jansen

Jugaad With Car Parts by Trent Jansen. Photography: Neville Sukhia

Jugaad With Car Parts by Trent Jansen. Photography: Neville Sukhia

Design anthropologist, Trent Jansen will teach the ad hoc making and repair process of ‘Jugaad’ – the Indian notion of doing just enough with what you have on hand and figuring it out as you go. Over three hours, workshop participants will improvise with approaches to object making and repair.

Alongside Trent, Canberra-based sculptor Jeremy Lepisto will help with workarounds and problem solving.

When: 10am to 1pm, Saturday 10 June
Where: Nishi Gallery, Hotel Hotel
Cost: $55
Ticket: Buy online from

Making as Meditation: Patterns from Plants with Sally Blake

Sally Blake May in Murrays Garden

May in Murrays Garden by Sally Blake

Artist Sally Blake will guide this meditative workshop where you will learn how to make repetitive patterns using pressed plant matter collected from around Canberra. To further shift our consciousness, artist Dylan Martorell has created an original sound work using sound recordings from the Australian Botanical Gardens specially for this workshop. This ambient soundtrack will be played as we make.

When: 10am to 11:30am Saturday 17 June and 3pm to 4:30pm Sunday 25 June
Where: Nishi Gallery, Hotel Hotel
Cost: $45
Tickets: Buy online for 17 June workshop from Eventbrite here and 25 June workshop here, or at

‘Making Do: Utility Wear with Annie Wu’

Utility Wear by Annie Wu. Photography by Agnieszka Chabros.

Utility Wear by Annie Wu. Photography by Agnieszka Chabros.


Leaping from the British Government’s 1941 Utility Scheme CC41, artist and designer Annie Wu of Articles of Clothing, will teach participants how to create unconventional patterns for functional garments that reduce waste.

Participants will create a template for a contemporary utilitarian uniform (that can be worn everyday) and will cut the pattern from supplied cloth. Pieces can then be assemble at home or can handed over to Peter Kongmalavong at the end of the workshop for completion for a small additional fee.

When: 10am to 11:30am Saturday 12 August and 2pm to 3:30pm
Where: Nishi Gallery, Hotel Hotel
Cost: $45
Tickets: Buy online from Eventbrite.

Bookings for all workshops and conversations can be made online at


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