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Get ready for a city in bloom this Thursday

Beatrice Smith

You’re probably aware by now that the Canberra Centre’s new beauty and wellness precinct will open its luxe doors this Thursday 13 July. 

But what you may not know is that the city will also be bursting into bloom that day.

The Floral Society, Kingston’s beloved boutique floral establishment will be celebrating the opening of their new store in the precinct by creating an activation on Bunda Street that will have to be seen to be believed.

Blooms from the Floral Society

Blooms from the Floral Society

Founder of The Floral Society, Renee Douros explains that she took inspiration from across the globe to bring Canberra an installation like no other.

“It was inspired by [Lewis Miller] a florist in New York who does guerilla installations all around the city – he uses big public waste bins like vases.”

When it came time for Renee and her team to decide how they would celebrate the opening of their city store, Miller’s installations came to mind as inspiration for an urban street in bloom.

“I thought it would be fun to do something like that in Canberra but differently, using other pieces of public utilities like benches, phone booths, fire hydrants – so basically decorating Bunda Street in flowers,” explains Renee.

Blooms from the Floral Society

Blooms from the Floral Society

Renee and her team will be on Bunda Street from 6-8am on Thursday decorating the space in a rainbow of florals – a living street art installation.

“It’s something fun for the day that we thought would showcase our offerings and bring a bit of the Canberra Centre to the outside,” says Renee. “People can come down and watch us working and installing it.”

After the installation is finished, however, is when the real fun begins.

Visitors and passersby are encouraged to take photos with the flowers, share them on social media with the hashtag #thefloralsociety and to (of course) smell and touch them. But there’s more.

Renee explains that it’s an integral part of their design that people can take flowers from the installations once they’re finished.

“The idea behind it is to eliminate waste,” says Renee. “We don’t want them to sit there rotting, we want people to take home flowers for themselves.”

While we’re sure people won’t take this as an excuse to lift fistfuls of florals from the installations, we’re sure a free posie or two on a crisp Thursday morning will make many Canberrans days.

A 'Daily Floral' from The Floral Society

A ‘Daily Floral’ from The Floral Society

And of course, once the last flower is taken to a loving home on Thursday, The Floral Society’s Civic store will be officially open, offering visitors to the Canberra Centre a unique floral experience – right down to their wrapping.

“We have really attempted to fit in with the luxury feel of the beauty precinct so it’s a convenient little grab-and-go space for flowers,” explains Renee. “We’re even introducing a new packaging for our flowers that we’ve had custom designed and made.”

The Floral Society’s ‘City Carrier’ will be an actual carry bag that the team will wrap your floral purchases in for ease of transport so you can continue shopping without a cumbersome bunch to carry.

“We’ve envisioned it as a spot where people can come and break up their day and see some natural beauty,” adds Renee.

As well as innovative packaging, Renee and the team will be bringing their beloved classic offerings over from Kingston too, including build-your-own bunches, their beloved ‘Daily Florals’ and ‘Fancy Florals’ and even workshops in the Canberra Centre later in the year.

Get to Bunda Street after 8am on Thursday 13 July to snap, smell and sample the Floral Society’s installations. 

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