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Canberra-based rip publishing will launch Knack this Friday 9 October at Gorman Arts Centre.

Knack is a collection of fourteen stories and do-it-yourself guides with accompanying audio short stories. Taking the form of a multimedia e-book, Knack includes how-to-guides that are matched with audio stories connected to the skill taught. There will also be copies of Knack available on limited edition custom USBs

“Within Knack’s pages you will find instructions on how to make the perfect pancake, lock-down friends who will love you for who you truly are, renovate your house, make a foraged apple cider, and persuade the Inuit’s to buy your ice,” says creators rip publishing.


“Knack has been brought together in three sections. First up, guide will help you to get “it” (your life) together as you sort out the basics.”

“Then, as we all know, once you think it’s all sorted some obscure screw comes loose. So Knack will help you figure it out. Finally, Knack navigates the skills required to push the boundaries and really dive into what the world has to offer you and you have to offer it.”

rip directors Farz Edraki and Yasmin Masri were interested in the way that the how to guide format can be subverted in a creative way. “We also saw this project as a chance for us to create a platform for local emerging writers and editors” said Farz.


Knack includes work by HerCanberra writer Emily Allen as well as other local writers Hugo Branley; Lee Constable; Jemimah Cooper; Alix Foley; Kathryn Ford; Tracey Hawkins; Ellie Malbon and Nikki Mikhailovich; Zid Mancenido; Allison Morris; Jordan Morris; Camilla Patini; Indigo Trail; Niki van Buuren. The project is supported by ArtsACT Project Funding.

the essentials
What: Launch of Knack 2015
When: 6pm-7.30pm, Friday 9 October
Where: Gorman House Arts Centre
Cost: $5 entry or $15 for entry + limited edition USB copy of Knack.
Web: facebook.com/events/1721037388125106

All images courtesy of Yasmin Masri for rip publishing. 


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