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Big Boys Toys Expo Comes to Town

Matt Harvey

You’re a grown-up. You know what stress is. You have a job, meetings and car payments.

You have roommates, a poodle or kids (which are all essentially the same thing). The ‘real world’ has pulled you in, whether you like it or not, making you more responsible, timely and future oriented. How do you find a balance between all the calamities? I’ll give you a hint. It’s a five-letter word that starts with an H.

A good HOBBY will encourage you to take a break. It can present you with a challenge outside of work and provide some physical and mental health benefits such as reducing stress. It might even make you feel young again. Only now you have more choice, more options, more excitement. The toys of today are bigger, better, and more engaging.

This is what the Big Boy Toys Expo is all about. It’s a highly interactive playground for big boys (and girls) to see, touch, experience and buy all the gizmos, gadgets, tools, and sports equipment you’ve always dreamed of – held 22 and 23 August, at EPIC.

Whether you’re a burly fisherman, a hipster cyclist or a yoga enthusiast there’s something for you to try at the Expo.

At the tip of the iceberg there will be RC helicopter and model car demos, the latest boats, gym equipment, electric skateboards, golf challenges and equipment, classic and import cars, a flight simulator and the 2015 ACT Pinball Championship.

I had the chance to catch up with the event organiser Emma Pieper:

Matt: Can you briefly tell us how the Big Boys Toys Expo came to be?

Emma:  “I’ve had a long love of creating events and have been involved with several events such as The Toy and Game Expo, RSPCA ACT Million Paws Walk and Pet Expo, Doeberl Cup Chess Tournament, Lifeline Women of Spirit Awards and more recently the Inaugural A Pooch Affair. Mid last year, I was given the opportunity to create a new event for Canberra… I had a few ideas in mind, however, after experiencing the thrill of driving a jet ski for the first time down at the South Coast, the Big Boys Toys Expo came to life!”

What Exhibitor are you most excited to see?

“The Expo is all about fun, excitement and seeing some really awesome toys and products . Each exhibitor has something different to offer and each are just as exciting as each other…But if I had to choose  – well…I’m  kind of hoping that a jet ski might get put up for auction!  The thrill of speed and freedom on water is  just amazing and totally exhilarating ! I think a company jet ski is a must for the Big Boys Toys Expo!”

 Who do you recommend the event for?

“I think what’s special about this Expo is that there really is something for everyone.  We have retail, exhibitor displays, presentations and demos as well as fun and interactive experiences to suit all ages.  Activities such as a flight simulator, dive tank, ATV vehicle test driving, Nerf arena, pinball and arcade machines, Sports Lounge and Bar and RC’s. It’s a day out for everyone.”




This actually exists (as do 2 other models). The Bomber from from Capital Stealth Electric Bikes has a 5.2 kW motor that get you up to speeds of 80 km/kr.



A local hero as far as show cars go. Boasting a number of awards at some top hot rod shows. I’ll be sure to check it out.



Café race, bobber, chopper, brat style, steet tracker?

Aside from wanting to learn about the differences between these racers, the Canberra Café Racers Club supports Mens Prostate Cancer Research.



Plane, bird, paratrike? This powered parachute is like a sports car in the air.

The best part is it only costs $10 if you buy your tickets ahead of time online or you can spend $15 at the door ($10 if you’re a senior). Kids under 15 will get in for a gold coin donation that goes to the official charity partner, Menslink.

Another cool thing you can do is auction off your unwanted toys through to help clear some room for your new toys – 6% of the sales will go to supporting Menslink. This can be done Online prior the Expo or auctioned off live at the Expo. If you have any Big Boys Toys you would like to sell please email [email protected].

So you’re thinking you want to go, but whom might you bring? It could be a great way to spend some time with your dad before Father’s Day. Or you can just gather your favourite ladies or mates and have a friends’ day out. And for those of you in relationship it’s a fun thing to do as a couple and you might find a hobby you’re both interested in.

the essentials

What: The Big Boys Toys Expo
When: 22 and 23 August 2015
Where: Exhibition Park in Canberra (EPIC)
How much:
Tickets: Online from



We have five double passes to The Big Boys Toys Expo to give away. To enter, simply email [email protected] and tell us why you’d like to go along. Entries close 5pm Thursday 20 August, 2015.


Matt Harvey

Matt is a Canadian born ice-hockey player, who originally found his way to Canberra to play for the CBR Brave. He is a published author and is currently finishing a Masters degree in Counselling Psychology. When he’s not writing or playing hockey he enjoys cycling, playing tennis, watching Netflix, and checking out the nightlife in Canberra. On weekends he enjoys his coffee in Kingston and making pancakes with copious amounts of maple syrup. More about the Author

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