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It’s a boy – ACT homebirth trial’s first baby

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A baby boy is the first child born through the ACT Government’s publicly-funded Homebirth Trial.

Ari Cvjeticanin was born on Saturday 21 January in the family’s home to mother Ella Kurz and father Relja Cvjeticanin. Their primary midwife Christine Foy (pictured middle) was on hand for the birth, as was a second midwife.

Ari holds the distinction of being the first baby to be born as part of the ACT’s Homebirth Trial. The three-year trial started last October, with one to two homebirths being offered each month from February 2017.

The publicly-funded trial is available to women who meet the eligibility criteria of having low-risk pregnancies and who reside within the identified trial catchment area –  a 30-minute round trip to the Canberra Centenary Hospital for Women and Children.

Acting ACT Minister for Health Yvette Berry said “It’s wonderful to hear the news that the ACT’s first homebirth under this trial has occurred, and I would like to congratulate Ari’s parents and extend my warmest thanks to everyone involved in this safe homebirth”.

Although Ari has arrived a week ahead of his due date, he was born without complications, assisted by two highly skilled midwives from the Canberra Midwifery Program at the Centenary Hospital.

Ari weighted in at 4 kilograms or approximately 8 pounds and 13 ounces, and is the second child in the family.

Ms Berry said “I would also like to acknowledge and thank the midwives involved in this first homebirth. The exceptional care provided is testament to the success we can expect throughout the remainder of the homebirth trial.

“The ACT Government listened to calls from the community for a homebirth option in Canberra, and it’s great to have this trial underway.”

The Homebirth Trial provides an alternative to other birthing services currently available in the ACT, and it provides eligible women the opportunity to birth in the privacy and comfort of their own homes.

“We know the main reasons a woman chooses a homebirth is because she wants to give birth in a familiar place that she is comfortable in, with a midwife she knows and trusts. Women also want their families to be with them, and they want to be in control of the experience.

“I send my warm wishes to other expectant parents who are taking place in the trial, and I hope we have many more successful homebirths throughout the year.”



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  • Kelly Anne Hulmes

    Lovely news congratulations parents and well done to those brave enough to support home births . My second daughter was born at home 19 years ago , fully supported and encouraged by health services in the UK .

  • Maddie

    What wonderful news! The trial has faced some horrific backlash from some uneducated members of the public, and I am so pleased to see that it all went well and that agency is being given to pregnant women. Congratulations to the family.