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In the doghouse with the RSPCA

Jessica Schumann

We’ve all been ‘in the dog house’ at some stage in our life or at least put our partner there.

But what if you were in the dog house for a good cause?

I will be come Saturday 21 March where I’ll be having a bit of fun with my four legged friends to help raise much needed funds and awareness of the RSPCA ACT’s shelter and the conditions animals are faced with today.

In the Dog House is a new fundraising event developed by RSPCA ACT to raise funds while having some fun with the concept of spending time in the dog house as punishment for having done something wrong in real life.


Having always grown up with dogs, my appreciation and respect for (wo)man’s best friend runs deep. Especially with my current canine friend and family member, Chica who I’ve had since she was just eight weeks old. She’s now almost eight and the best thing I’ve ever brought home.


Sure, there’s been times where she’s landed me in the doghouse…but I wouldn’t have the last eight years any other way. Sadly though the animals at the RSPCA ACT shelter aren’t always so lucky with more than 127,000 animals received in RSPCA animal shelters and adoption centres across the country.

During 2013-2014, the RSCPA received almost 46,000 dogs but while this number was high, 73% were either adopted or reunited with their owners — the highest and most successful rate to date. But this can’t be achieved without the help and generous nature of the wider community.


My fundraising goal is $2,000 — enough to cover the $500 adoption fee for four puppies from the shelter. In return for your generosity and donation, I’ll spend at least one hour in the dog kennels alongside my furry four-legged friends and other local Canberra personalities including Chief Minister Andrew Barr, RSPCA ACT CEO Tammy Ven Dange, face2face Recruitment’s Kate Prior, WIN’s David Sharaz and Prime News presenter, Natalie Forrest.

The more money I raise, the longer I’ll stay in the dog house.


But I won’t just be sitting pretty. There’ll be a range of activities that animals in the shelter would experience that I’ll take part in too such as going for a walk, playing with toys and snack time.

It’s a little bit of fun while bringing awareness to important animal welfare issues and raising funds to help those in the care of the RSPCA ACT.

The overall collective goal is to raise $50,000 to assist in providing the services of the RSPCA ACT to the Canberra community from the daily care of animals to veterinarian treatments to animal welfare inspectors. So block out Saturday 21 March, jump across to my fundraising page and help a girl out.

It’s not just about the donations though….so spread the word and share the link across your social media networks —keep this redheaded editor in the doghouse for as long as possible!

In the Dog House fundraising page: actdoghouse.everydayhero.com/au/jessica-schumann


Jessica Schumann

A 'rambling ranga' at heart, Jessica Schumann is a bubbly, creative social thinker who thrives on words, social media and an innate knack for sharing stories. When she finds the time to write, Jessica seeks out the beauty in change and the essence of human condition. Varied and diverse in nature, her writing delves into the enviable world of people, travel, food and culture. When you can't find her in a nook writing, just follow your nose and you’ll soon find Jessica indulging in her other passion – cooking – or curled up on the couch with a good book in hand. You can find her over at ramblingranga.com.au. More about the Author

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