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To infinity and beyond at Questacon

Emily Crabb

Who would’ve thought that Buzz Lightyear wasn’t so beyond his time?

With recent advances in aerospace technology, we are closer than ever to venturing into outer space. The phrase “To infinity and beyond!” is more relevant than ever and it is a very exciting time to be alive.


Thanks to Questacon in partnership with NASA, Smithsonian National Air and the Space Station Museum you don’t even have to be astronaut to experience the wonders of space age technology.

Presented by Boeing, Above and Beyond has been enjoyed by over three million people globally and we’re now lucky enough to be hosting the exhibit here in Canberra. The Above and Beyond experience takes visitors faster, further and higher than ever. In true Questacon style, they are inviting guests to ‘take flight’ with a suite of the multisensory, interactive, hair-raising, heart-pounding attractions.

How do flying cars and supersonic planes sound? Intriguing? We agree. Hot tip: we think the kiddies will especially love the space elevators and mega-rockets.

The exhibit aims to entertain and excite by taking visitors higher than ever through psychical and mental experiences but the overall goals of the exhibition are even loftier. It also aims to inspire the next generation of pilots, aerospace engineers and astronauts.


the essentials

What: Above and Beyond
Where: Questacon
When: Open daily from 9am until 5pm until 23 July 2017
Web: www.questacon.edu.au


Emily Crabb

Emily Crabb has recently finished her final semester at the University of Canberra where she studied Communications in Advertising. Emily’s 2016 has consisted of her travelling nationally and internationally, meeting the creative minds of the advertising, media and public relations industries from Melbourne to Kuala Lumpur to Sydney and to Singapore. These adventures gave her a renewed source of inspiration and motivation but also a renewed appreciation for her hometown of Canberra. Emily particularly enjoys treating herself with clothes she cannot justify buying and eating anything from a brunch menu. More about the Author

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