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Kids Roadtest: Sky Zone Belconnen

Martina Taliano

Sky Zone Belconnen is the type of place that kids walk into and if you aren’t careful you won’t see them again for hours.

From wall to wall there are activities that the kids will want to start right away. A word of warning – you need to be prepared to be quick enough to get their shoes off and get their wristbands on before they run off!

I borrowed my friends’ twin girls who just turned two, Aisha and Madina, and at my friends suggestion I took along her au pair, Bella, too. Thank goodness for Bella and whoever invented au pairs. Bella was a godsend as I was unable to split myself in two and had forgotten how crazily active two-year-olds can be!

Little Leapers  takes place on weekdays from 10am to 1pm during the school term and are dedicated toddler sessions, or five years and under. We went on a Wednesday and there was a great vibe to the place; children’s music was playing and I noticed a few of the kids singing while they were jumping and playing — super cute!

There are hour-long sessions and we stayed for close to two hours before the twins were worn out and it was time to go home for their sleep. I don’t think we were the first adults to have to wrestle children into the pram and wheel them out screaming ‘I don’t wanna go’ and I’m sure we won’t be the last.

Because a toddler’s attention span isn’t all that long, there are different areas and activities they can move to freely during their play time which I was really impressed with. There were guided group activities and games which were popular with the older children (two-year-olds follow no rules), colouring in station as well as a toddler play area filled with tunnels, tents and toys.

The tiny pushbikes, balls, stuffed toys and blocks were activities the twins loved and played in between bouncing and jumping from trampoline to trampoline. I didn’t see any kids playing with an iPad or phone the entire time I was there; they were too busy being active!


There were some older siblings that came along as well and they were still allowed to bounce, away from where the smaller children were playing and following strict safety rules. There were even adults bouncing — I gave it a go and remembered how much fun jumping on a trampoline can be! I also remembered to give thanks to the person who invented sports bras with minimal movement. Very important piece of clothing to remember when attending Sky Zone for all you women out there!

There is pretty much nothing there than adults can’t do that the kids can. However, when you see the kids jumping in and climbing out of the foam pit seemingly easily don’t be fooled. I thought I was going to have to spend the rest of my life in the foam pit for a moment there. Seriously.

The staff were so friendly, not just to the adults but very friendly and kind to the children too. They went through all the safety rules with any new children that came along to the different sections and spoke with them in a way that was respectful but very clear that the rules were there to keep them safe. When they noticed children forgetting some of the rules they reminded them firmly but in a kind way. I really liked their approach to their customers. Safety first and foremost but not forgetting kindness and the importance of having fun.

Something else I noticed was how clean it was. Understandably physical activity places can get that smell; you know the smell, that sweaty-not quite cleaned right smell. Sky Zone doesn’t have it. At all. All the equipment, activities and toys were all clean. I did wonder if they had someone who cleaned the toys every night, as they were that clean.


And the most important factor of any activity you would take a child to — the coffee. Really, really good coffee. And FREE! When an adult takes a child to Little Leapers they get a free coffee! There is a café there with sandwiches and cakes and other delicious looking treats so you can regain some of your expended energy once you have jumped it all out!

I will definitely be taking kids to Sky Zone again. It’s safe, it’s fun, it’s friendly and best of all, it wore the twins out and they were asleep before the car drove out of the car park!

the essentials

What: Sky Zone’s Little Leapers
When: Weekdays 10am until 1pm. Sessions start on the hour
Where: Skyzone Belconnen, Westfield Belconnen, Lathlain Street, Belconnen
Cost: $10 per hour for one child 5 years and under. Grip socks are an additional $2. Adults receive a free coffee
Web: See for all terms and conditions

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  • Tam

    The little leapers program is still running every day from 10am to 1pm – and now you can stay for as little or as long as you like within that period for just $10. The kids just love it. In May 2017 they will also be introducing a group fitness class at 10.15am on Wednesdays so you can sneak in some exercise (and extra fun) while the kiddies play – and you can still watch over them as well. And the cool thing – the first class is FREE!

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