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The Maker’s Academy is calling all #girlbosses

Annie Caughey

Who run the world? Girls.

Whether you’re already the director of your business, looking to turn a creative hobby into something bigger or just in need of some guidance to channel your inventive energy, The Maker’s Academy wants you.

A trailblazer for changing the role women play in the small business landscape, Mikaela Danvers, a qualified teacher, designer and entrepreneur, has created an online community in The Makers Academy. It offers self-driven individuals access to professional courses and classes that will help them to develop practical skills in design, photography and business fundamentals, without the fees (and fluff) of tertiary education.

Passionate about empowering other women, Mikaela was inspired to start her business through her love of education.

“The role of online education is changing the world – we are opening doors where there were no doors before, giving opportunity to people who may never have had the chance to learn these skills otherwise,” she explains.

She aims to help women discover their own individual strengths and talents, so they become inspired and motivated to build their own self-directed pathway in life, an opportunity she believes should be utilised by everyone.

That is why Mikaela is giving away $10,000 worth of scholarships to 17 creative self-identifying women from around the world. Each scholarship will award the recipient a full enrolment package for the Maker’s Academy. This means they will have unlimited access to business advice, online Graphic Design and Photography courses, blogging master classes and website design tutorials. They will also receive a 30-minute virtual mentoring session. Each package is valued at almost $650.


Mikaela Danvers

Each program offered at The Makers Academy ensures that an individual has access to effective and specialised education without having to be in the same place, as all courses are offered online.

Five full scholarships will be granted through The Makers Collective application process, and a total of 12 other scholarship recipients will be selected by leaders in the creative and small business community from around Australia.

Thankful for the Canberra community that has given her so much support in the past, Mikaela has chosen some local businesses within our own community to present such awards and we are proud to announce that HerCanberra has been selected as one of these businesses.

To reap the most benefits from The Maker’s Academy, an individual needs to be a determined, action-oriented, go-getter, which is exactly the type of person that will receive a scholarship. If you are a self-identifying woman and think this accurately describes you, then you can apply for a Makers Collective Scholarship right now. The application process is open until 12 May 2017.

The Makers Collective strongly encourages women who are struggling with financial hardship, domestic violence, Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander or recent refugee to apply, although this is by no means is a requirement to apply.

Apply now here: themakerscollective.com.au/makers-academy-scholarship-application


Annie Caughey

Annie Caughey who has just recently returned from London has spent most of her life coming and going, but always seems to find herself back in the humble Canberra. She is a big believer in the vibrant colourful culture that exists here and loves everything from fashion and food to music and art. Even though she still can't figure out the bus system, she has a great knowledge of what's happening in Canberra and loves sharing all about it with Her Canberra readers. More about the Author