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Navigating kid-friendly dining with Babies Who Lunch

Veronica Giddings

For most people going out to eat is easy and enjoyable, but add kids and babies to the equation and it can become a daunting task.

As Eleanor Pritchard discovered after having her first son, there are myriad things for parents to consider before stepping out to lunch with friends: “Where should I go? Should I take the pram in, or just the capsule? What if there’s no room for the pram? It’s winter; will I have to go back to the car? What about a change table?” Eleanor recalls her anxiety.

After having a difficult few weeks following the birth of her son Wyatt, Eleanor knew it was important not to cocoon herself at home; however, she realised that catching up with friends now came with added stress. Aside from the general anxieties about whether baby Wyatt would start screaming in public, or have a ‘poo-splosion’, Eleanor stressed that she may get to a cafe and not be able to fit in with her pram.

“I think being sleep deprived makes you more sensitive to everything, so I think if I struggled through the door of a cafe, just to find out that I can’t fit the pram anywhere, I probably would have burst into tears!” Eleanor says, remembering the first few times she took Wyatt out.

Eating out with an infant can be intimidating but parents should still feel they are part of society. It can be difficult to know where the best places to take babies and young children are. While some cafes and restaurants are listed as child friendly, there are not many websites that describe what this actually translates to for parents. Eleanor wanted to create an easy to follow review-guide that detailed some of these features and so Babies Who Lunch was born.

babies who lunch

Eleanor’s Babies Who Lunch website with handy symbols to denote each restaurant’s child-friendliness


“While you can find reviews on food, service and price, there were no websites that mentioned whether I could fit with my pram,” explains Eleanor.

Parents have so much to consider, including safety, entertainment, facilities and how spacious a restaurant is. Eleanor wanted to create an easy to follow review-guide that detailed some of these features to reduce some of the anxieties that parents face when taking a baby or child out to eat.

While Babies Who Lunch predominantly centres on the question “will my pram fit?” it also reviews child friendly features such as whether the restaurant has change tables, playgrounds and high chairs and touches on food and service too.

The website uses a series of easy to read icons for each café reviewed including; how many high chairs can fit, whether there is a change table and if there is a toddler play area.

Eleanor’s Top 5 Pram Friendly Cafes

Poppy’s at the War Memorial

It’s a beautiful location, has plenty of space for prams and a change table in the disabled toilet. The chairs in the back part of the cafe (with the best views) are great for breastfeeding! They’re really comfy and give you great support – plush there are cushions.

Poppy’s At The War Memorial | Treloar Crescent, Campbell | Open 8am-4.30pm daily | www.awm.gov.au/visit/poppys

Adore Tea, Gold Creek

I loved Adore Tea without a baby, so it’s great to know that you can keep going with a baby, or even your Mother’s Group. There is a change table in the ladies toilet, a toddler play area, and space for prams as well.

Adore Tea | Shop 6, Federation Square One, O’Hanlon Place, Nicholls | 10am-5.30pm every day | www.adoreteagoldcreek.com.au/teahouse

Akiba, Civic

Akiba can really only fit 1 pram at a table, but it can fit easily and the staff are very friendly. It’s a great place to go if you’re catching up with friends in the City, and being so close to the Canberra Centre means you can access the Parent’s Rooms as well. Plus, pork buns!!

AKIBA | 40 Bunda Street Civic | Monday-Wednesday and Sunday 11.30am-midnight, Wednesday-Saturday 11.30am- 2am | www.akiba.com.au

RnRs Diner, Bungendore

My parents live in Bungendore and so I’m out there a fair bit. RnRs is a great family diner, with space for prams, high chairs, and there is a change table in one of the toilets in the Village Square. They also have an all day breakfast, which I have to admit, totally wins me over!

RnRs Diner | The Village Square, Bungendore | 7am-6pm every day | bungendorevillagesquare.wordpress.com/rnrs-diner

Suthern Cafe, in Myer in Westfield Belconnen

My mother’s group meets here a fair bit. You’ve got the beauty of Westfield’s facilities (undercover parking, Parent’s Rooms and all that) plus there is plenty of room in the cafe, and a toddler play area as well. I have also been told of some breastfeeding mums being protected and supported by the staff and management of the cafe when someone complained about their public breastfeeding.

Suthern Cafe | Inside Myer on Level 2 at Westfield Belconnen | Monday-Thursday 9.30am-5.30pm, Friday 9.30am-9pm, Saturday 9am-6pm, Sunday 10am-5pm | www.myer.com.au/p/our-services/cafes-restaurants

For Eleanor’s complete list of Canberran baby and child friendly restaurants and cafes, visit www.babieswholunch.net.

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