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Fall in love with Fisher

Ashleigh Went

At a little over 100 years old, Canberra is still a young city and we love hearing stories that remind us just how special it is to live here.

Nestled amongst our suburbs are homes bursting with character and treasured memories. For Bianca Way, the walls of her home in Fisher will now be the keeper of three generations of Way-family childhood memories as she moves back to the house to raise her three year old daughter, Delilah.

Last year, Bianca and her husband Rob downsized from their home in Bungendore and purchased the house that Bianca’s grandparents built – and have lived in – since 1970.

When her grandmother moved into an aged care facility only a few streets away, Bianca and Robert jumped at the opportunity to purchase a home that not only held strong emotional ties, but also provided an affordable entry point into Fisher.

A home full of memories


The house shortly after Bianca’s grandparents moved in in early 1971.

Returning to the family home in Fisher has been a nostalgic experience for Bianca: “I remember the first time I watched Delilah run down the corridor after a bath; I had this vivid flashback to my sister and I doing the same thing. I love that she can grow up here and have similar memories to what I have,” she says.

Bianca also recalls playing in the storage space under the house, just like her mother and uncle did. “There are all these chalk drawings on the walls down there from all of our childhoods. When she’s older, Delilah will play under there too,” says Bianca.

An homage to history


Bianca aged four in the backyard of her family home.

Bianca’s grandparents were fond of writing in journals, and kept letters they had received from family and friends over the years. Through these, Delilah will be able to share the memories of the generations before her as well as appreciate the history of the house itself.

Bianca and Rob have renovations planned to accommodate their growing family over the years, however they are adamant on preserving aspects of the home as homage to its history.

“It would be a shame to knock down something like this because it’s much more structurally sound than houses in some of the newer suburbs. We’re going to keep some elements so that parts of the house stay accurate to its era,” she says.

Five reasons to love Fisher

Bianca now can’t imagine ever moving away from Fisher. She says the suburb is the perfect setting for her family’s ‘forever’ home.

Here are her five reasons why:


“You can’t build character. We built our last house in Bungendore, which was a beautiful brand new house but didn’t have a soul like an older house does.

“With new suburbs, you just can’t inject that type of history and character – it’s  got a different vibe. I think we get really carried away with this prospect of house and land packages, but people forget to look at areas like Fisher.”

Sweet serenity

“Fisher isn’t all that busy because there’s no reason for people to come through. This means that it’s not a thoroughfare suburb and, even though the Parkway is nearby, there’s only really local traffic so it’s pretty quiet.

“I love that you can look out the window and you’re not seeing just property and other houses. Fisher has got beautiful views because it’s up high and it’s great being able to just stand in the kitchen and watch the weather roll in.”


“The biggest thing that Fisher has got going for it is the location; we love that it’s 15 minutes to everywhere. I can go to the gym while Rob gives Delilah a bath and be back in time for her bedtime, but in Bungendore we could never do that.

“The proximity to the hospital is also excellent. My grandmother hasn’t been well so it’s been good to be close by. I don’t know how we could ever leave.”


“Fisher’s a really safe suburb, my grandparents lived here for 46 years and they were never once broken into or anything.”

“We also have great neighbours. There’s a really good sense of community and you know people are looking out for each other.


“For a suburb in Weston Creek, Fisher is pretty affordable. The property sizes are a fraction smaller than other surrounding suburbs, but it’s definitely more affordable to buy into the area.

“The property market in Canberra is growing, and people manage to find some real bargains in older suburbs like Fisher. There are houses that look like a lot of work on the surface, but after you live in it for six months and get a feel for the home, it’s easy to make changes or renovate it to exactly what you want. In the end, you’ll probably get something that’s better quality than a new house.”

Think you could fall in love with Fisher?

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