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Calum Stenning

After decades of going down the rabbit-hole of mass-production, cheap labour and same-same department stores, the pendulum has begun its swing back towards the small batch, the hand-crafted, and the local.

The phrase “think global, act local” gets tossed around like salad, but one of the easiest (and most satisfying ways) of actually living this ethos is by putting your money where your mouth is and supporting set ups such as Hotel Hotel’s One Day Shop by Pan After.

Hotel Hotel, will be hosting this One Day Shop in the library on the hotel’s ground floor on Saturday 7 October from 10am to 5pm.

The event is part of an ongoing series of One Day Shops by Hotel Hotel. Previous collaborators have included Melbourne’s Mr Kitly and Perimeter Books.

This time, the makeshift shop, curated by Pan After, will stock a range of carefully sourced and ethically produced homewares and wearables.

170631_PAN_AFTER_0226_2 CR Josh Robenstone

Pan After owner and founder Phoebe Munro says her travels sparked the idea for the store.

“In the beginning travel was the biggest inspiration. Visiting the interesting boutiques in Japan, travelling in Africa and seeing the amazing craft and work produced was the beginning of an idea to open up a small store in Melbourne,” she explains.

“I began selling products I found on my travels and it grew from there. Having a creative business allowed so much freedom and a new purpose to keep on travelling—that was a big motivation to pursue the business.”

“Now, building relationships with community projects and suppliers and being able to support the work of people living in disadvantage communities is something that has steered the direction and focus of the business.”

170529_PAN_AFTER_0295 CR Josh Robenstone

Using the store as a means to give makers an opportunity and platform to sell their wares is certainly not all Phoebe and Pan After is about, however.

“The idea of a store having a certain feeling, telling a story, having integrity is important—I find pleasure in understanding a retail concept as a whole, seeing a story and knowing where the products are from, their worth,” says Phoebe.

“At Pan After we aim to tell a story through our products while maintaining a social and environmental conscious in our business practice.”

Phoebe curates her stock mindfully, to make sure each pot, basket and spoon has its place on the shelf.

170630_PAN_AFTER_0077 CR Josh Robenstone

“Every product of Pan After is carefully considered; either handmade or thoughtfully made and always supporting the makers whether it is locally made or from a small village in Zimbabwe,” she says.

“Travel is the main way we source our products—nothing beats being on the ground in a new country exploring cities, towns and markets and making contacts. No matter how much research you do online, being in the country and meeting face-to-face is so important and rewarding.  Every trip we find new products and meet new people, even if we have been to that city numerous times before.”

170630_PAN_AFTER_0141 CR Josh Robenstone

Just as Pan After’s physical shop in Melbourne and the online store are carefully stocked, so too will be the selection brought to Hotel-Hotel.

“We are bringing a little bit of everything. One of the things that we are known for is our eclectic mix of products,” Phoebe says. “Hand-woven baskets from a community project in Cape Town and traditional textiles from West Africa will sit alongside colourful recycled cotton socks and bright tote bags from Mexico.”

If ethically sourced Mexican totes sound like your bag it’s on Saturday 7 October from 10AM in the Hotel Hotel library on the ground floor.

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What: One Day Shop by Pan After
Where: Hotel Hotel, 25 Edinburgh Avenue, NewActon
When: Saturday 7 October from 10AM to 5PM
Find more information: hotel-hotel.com.au/calendar/one-day-shop-by-pan-after

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Images: Josh Robenstone. All images supplied. 


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